How to run the “Chamber of Secrets” for PS2 in the emulator


As you know, until September 2017, the launch of the Chamber of Secrets game was almost impossible – you could only look at the menu. But in September, it was reported that the game was able to pass in one of the latest builds of the emulator, which requires applying a small patch.

At the same time, there was a problem that lies in how exactly it needs to be applied to the emulator. This question was answered by our visitors: they shared the methods found independently or with the involvement of third-party resources.

Below we provide a text instruction, as well as a video demonstration of the emulator setup with the game.

Text instructions for installing the patch

  1. In the emulator menu, allow it to read cheats.
  2. In the root folder of the emulator, create a subfolder cheats, if it does not exist yet.
  3. Launch the game (during launch in the PCSX2 console, view the CRC parameter (checksums) of your game and copy it (CRC varies depending on the region and the edition of the game itself)), close it
  4. Replace the original patch file name with CRC
  5. Put it in the cheats folder
  6. Play
  7. It is quite possible that the CRC needs to be copied not all, but only part of it (the last 8 characters).

Author: NumberFast

The answer to the doubt in paragraph 7 can be seen in the guide of the second author.

Video demonstration of the process of setting up, launching and partially completing the game:

Note from the author:

I was told that the patch can be put both in [folder] cheats and in [folder] cheats_ws – it doesn’t matter, I have it there and there.

Author: Ruslan.Gulf (RusGamesElite channel (removed from YouTube))

Additional information

The information is taken from the description of the video.

Useful links: emulator PCSX2 website, new builds PCSX2, forums PCSX2

Used hardware and software:

  • CPU: Intel i5-3570K@4.3 GHz (MB MSI Z77A-G45)
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050ti 4GB (MSI Gaming X),
  • RAM 8GB DDR3-1866 MHz (Kingston HyperX),
  • System: Windows 10 x64 Pro (ForceWare 388.00)
  • Emulator Version (PCSX2): 1.5.0-2255 (!)
  • The game, BIOS: HP and the Chamber of Secrets (U) + BIOS (U) 1.60


  • OpenGL,
  • Render Native x4,
  • Mipmapping ‘Basic’
  • CRC level ‘Partial’,
  • HW Hacks: Frame Buffer Conversion,
  • Speed Hacks: MTVU (!)

Published by: АlехeyMS