Chamber of Secrets. Investigate the level (PC)


So, the favorite level is. It’s time to search for it.

When you press F4, you should see a list box to select the level of the game:

The Magic wand Select the desired level and click on it double click.

The selected game level appears.

The window with a list is closed by a stick through a cross (as usual window).

To remove the stick from the screen press Esc.

To switch to camera control mode press the Delete key. Now the camera has to move without Harry.

The camera must be moved by arrows on the keyboard. Change viewing view by moving the mouse on the mat.

To return to the character control again press the Delete key and play for Harry further.

The result of switching to the camera control mode can be seen in the following video:

Walk through the walls:

Author: Fred Artur Weasley

See Hogwarts from a bird’s eye view:

Author: OOKS

Pay attention to the top part of the screen, if everything is done correctly, the text will appear with Latin symbols of green color!