LEGO HP 5-7: Students in peril


The location of students in peril.

№. Hint
1. The “Dark Times” level. 2 location. Tube. Need a dark character
2. Level “Dumbledore’s Army”. Pub cellar. Need a dark character (barrel)
3. The “Focus!” level.
4. The level of “Kreacher’s Discontent”. Basement, section on the right.
5. The level of “Great virtuosos”. The Forbidden Forest. Rocket from the Weasley box
6. The “Hidden Threat” level.
7. The “Retirement” level. Weasley’s store. A red detail on one of the upper floors
8. The “Desserts” level. Slughorn’s office. Balcony. Use the magic cabinet on the right
9. The “Unlucky Christmas” level. Before entering the “Burrow”. We repair the fire truck and fly it to the flame on the left. We extinguish it. With the help of Arthur Weasley, we fix the device and apply
10. The “Love Potion” level. Toilet, behind the booths
11. The Felix Filitzis level. Location 2. You need to use the Weasley Twins box
12. The “Horcrux in hand” level. Location 4. Hogwarts is on fire. To the left of the chest is a job for a strong character
13. Level “Seven Harry”. Location 1. Dursley’s backyard, closet on the left
14. Level “Mighty magic (Magic – power)”. Location with elevators. In one of the elevators
15. The level is “In serious danger”. Location 1. Work for a dark wizard
16. The “Sword and Medallion” level. Location 2. Next to the locker with spectral-astral glasses
17. The Lovegood Madness level. Location 1, opposite the Lovegoods’ house
18. Level “Dobby!”. Location 1. Basement of the Malfoy mansion. On the left we use the Reducto
19. The level of “Thieves in Gringotts”. Location 2. Safe, chest on the right
20. The “Back to School” level. Location 2. Help out-room. Let’s explore the space above a couple of meters 😉
21. The “Bridges underground” level. Location 2. The end of the mined bridge. Watering the flower
22. The “Friendly Madness” level. Location 1. Almost a hammock
23. The level of “Snape’s Tears”. Location 1. To the right of the giant with the hoop (closer to the camera)
24. The “Error in the plan” level. Location 1. Safe
25. A leaky cauldron. Ladder. 2nd floor. Web
26. Platform 9 and 3/4. Watch face
27. Hogwarts. The magic wardrobe for Harry at the entrance to the Slytherin living room
28. Hogwarts. One of the halls. Tickle the armor with a feather on the right
29. Hogwarts. The office of defense against the Dark Arts. Hanging on the stairs on the left
30. Hogwarts. Potions cabinet. We look at the ceiling on the cabinet
31. Hogwarts. Spell cabinet. Need to put out the bonfires
32. Diagon Alley. The Weasley twins’ store. 1st floor, on the left. Spider web on the balcony
33. London. Red cylinder at the entrance to the subway
34. London. Cafe. Utility room
35. Forest. Tent. The middle part. Under the ceiling
36. Hogsmeade Station. The red automaton on the right
37. Between Hogsmeade Station and Hogwarts. The chest to the left of the entrance to the Hogwarts territory
38. The courtyard in front of the blocked owlet. Lure fireflies to a lantern
39. Hogwarts. Library. Get a children’s pool out of Hermione’s bag and fill it with water
40. Hogwarts. Location in front of movable stairs. On the left is a chest with a red lock
41. Hogwarts. Gryffindor living room. Put out the fire in the fireplace
42. Hogwarts. 8th floor. The left wing. Need to burn the web
43. Hogwarts. Spell Cabinet (Flitwick). 2nd floor, on the right. it is necessary to break the scroll on the wall on the right
44. Hogwarts. Location with access to the potions room. Cabinet to the right of the entrance to this office
45. Hogwarts. Astronomical tower. Magic wardrobe for Harry
46. Hogwarts. Location at the entrance to the office of Divination. Watering…
47. Hogwarts. The Office of Divination. Breaking the tower of mugs
48. Forest. On the right. Watering the flower
49. Hogsmeade. Melt the ice with the help of Ron’s skill
50. Location between Hogsmeade Station and Hogsmeade itself. In a barrel
51. Hogwarts. Location in front of the Herbology room. We drive away hooligans
52. Hogwarts. The Cabinet of Herbology. We grow a “fragrant” plant next to a predator plant
53. The Forbidden Forest. Dark character
54. Hogwarts. Location in front of the Great Hall. We use Ron’s deluminator
55. Hogwarts. The great hall. The dish is in the far left corner
56. Hogwarts. Location in front of Ravenclaw’s living room. Left
57. Nocturn Lane. An item for a dark character. To the left of the entrance to Gorbin and Berks
58. The location is to the right of the one where the Weasley twins were messing around 😉 Where you can get from the location near the Great Hall. Cabinet on the right
59. Hogwarts. Black Lake. On the grid on the right. Need a dark character
60. Diagon Alley. Madame Malkin’s Shop

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