HP and Philosopher’s Stone for PC. Resource structure


In this article, we will take a quick look at the specifics of resource placement in the game.
The file system of the game is represented by several folders: Help, Maps, Music, save, Sounds, Support, System, Textures. The language data is encoded with a three-digit code, which we will designate as zzz.

Content of resources by folder.
Help: several identical pictures with the name of the game. Displayed when starting the game. Bmp format.
Maps: files of levels-maps of the game in unr format.
Music: music in umx (mp2) format.
save: image files that are displayed in the save game selection menu. Bmp format.
Sounds: interface sound files, sound effects and sounded lines. Formats wav, uax (wav).
system: game engine files, text resources and resource packages.
Default.ini – configuration file, basis for hp.ini.
DefUser.ini configuration file, base for user.ini.
DProps.u – Dudley bed, broom, paint cans, toilet.
HarryPotter.u – models (classes, textures) of characters and some objects, Dudley toys.
Hog1.u – character classes.
Hog2.u – classes of monsters.
HPBase.u – textures of interface elements, fonts, effects. Several LOD models.
HPcredits.zzz – game credits.
HPDialog.zzz – Subtitles for characters’ lines.
HPDialog.u – classes for displaying replicas.
HPmenu.zzz – inscriptions in the menu, in the card album.
HPMenu.u – textures of interface elements, notes (including E3 Demo), classes for displaying menus.
HPModels.u – models of characters, creatures and objects (with classes and textures).
HPParticle.u – classes and textures for effects.
HPPuzzle.u – The transPuzzle class.
HProps.u – models of objects, furniture.
HPSounds.u – sound effects and classes for playing them.
Hub2.u – Baron model, classes for characters and monsters.
Hub3.u – classes for the troll scene.
Hub4.u – classes for the scene of the walk to the astronomical tower.
Hub5.u – Classes for scenes on the way to the Philosopher’s Stone.
pickup.zzz – texts of notes, tips, inscriptions in mini-games.
pickup2.zzz – hints and localized key names.
SAPFont.zzz – font settings. Doesn’t work for all languages.
Startup.zzz – localized messages related to the launch of the game.
Tut1.u – barrel model and classes for the first lesson.
Tut2.u – classes for a flight lesson
Tut3.u – classes for the third lesson.

textures: utx formatted texture files.
characters.utx – Venus flytrap.
Detail.utx – grayscale brush textures (wood, metal, sand, bubbles, glass)
Editor.utx – A few simple icons and classes for creating geometric primitives (brush, cone, cube, curved staircase, cylinder, straight staircase, spiral staircase, surface creation).
FireEng-K.utx is an empty package.
FireEng.utx is the only texture with a certain address.
FlareFX.utx – 8 textures with flares.
FractalFX.utx – textures for playing with military bases.
GenFX.utx – flashes, palettes, cobweb, chain, please replace me, roots, leaves, algae, straw.
GreatFire.utx is an empty package.
Harry Potter.utx – walls, floors, windows, tags, Hogwarts emblem, faculty (house) emblems.
HP_1st.utx – walls, frames, doors, wall decoration
HP_2nd.utx – one black texture.
HP_3rd.utx – frames for openings, floors, walls, wall decorations, wardrobes, curtain, Quidditch theme,
HP_4th.utx – one turquoise texture.
HP_5th.utx – one black texture.
HP_6th.utx – black texture, photo of the moon and cloudy sky.
HP_7th.utx – emblems of Gryffindor and Slytherin, textures of the Gryffindor living room, the original version of the image of the Fat Lady.
hp_b.utx – wall decoration (clock, Hogwarts emblem, portraits, door frames). It looks like these textures were not used in the game.
HP_Basic.utx – floor, ceiling and wall textures; door frames, flags, Flipendo blocks, doors, carpets, tags, cabinets (books, plants), windows, hint icons (bridge, flipendos, strange creatures, owls),
HP_Bentemp.utx – results of experiments with alpha channel: mirror, greenery, doorways, firmament, Flipendo blocks, invisible Harry, candles.
HP_BroomTraining.utx – wall decoration, Hogwarts emblem.
HP_C.utx – emblems of Hogwarts faculties (houses), screenshots from the editor, arches, carpets, candles, walls, doors, again the old version of Fat Lady, experimental versions of arches, stained glass windows with frogs, Quidditch paintings, owl emblems, grass, starry sky, blue cloth with stars, cupboards (potions), golden telescope.
HP_Dungeon.utx – arches, gratings, walls in dark colors,
HP_Erised.utx – final version of Erised mirror textures.
HP_Exterior.utx – a strange set of textures: a photo of the sky, indistinct wall textures.
HP_FX.utx – flying keys sprites, black fire, bludger, fire, smoke, flashes, key icons, fire and fog effects, snitch, Verdimilius spell effect.
HP_HagridHut.utx – Hagrid’s hut (walls, floor).
HP_K.utx – wall and floor decoration.
HP_L500.utx – experiments with textures of columns, walls.
HP_Logo.utx is the name of the game.
HP_Outside.utx – outside walls, paths, gates …
HP_PD.utx – cut location “Privet Drive”.
HP_portrait.utx – portraits, paintings. Including a reference to the Knowwonder collective.
HP_Portraits2.utx – portraits again and references again.
HP_Quidditch.utx – Quidditch field.
HP_R.utx – a pair of “trees in the distance” textures
HP_Skins.utx – characters, items, creatures.
HP_Sneak.utx picture, many beans, planet, shelves.
HP_T.utx – walls, frames, paintings, … a lot of beans.
HP_Water.utx – a pair of blue textures with normals (?)
Hub2_Greenhouse.utx – arches, Flipendo buttons and some effects for the Insendio lesson.
Hub5_Devils.utx – devil’s snares.
Hub_3_Lumos.utx – some textures for arches, walls, lattices.
Hub_3_troll.utx – textures of the wall, floor, debris, painting.
Hub_5_chess.utx – arches in dark colors. Flipendo block, checkerboard.
jordantemp.utx – Looks like it was a wall-themed test suite.
Jump.utx – test textures with numbers.
Lev5_flyingKeys.utx – 3 furniture textures.
Liquids.utx – liquids.
MenuArt.zzz_utx – Localized name of the game in the menu.
MenuArt.utx – the name of the game in the menu, in English (or localized).
Palettes.utx – palettes.
Particles.utx – for particle effects.
Skybox.utx – firmament (skyboxes).
StoryBookTest.utx – slides for the beginning and end of the game.
UWindowFonts.utx – Bitmap fonts.

Studied resources: АlехeyMS

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