Modification “One Strange Adventure” (HP3)


Harry finds himself on a strange adventure. Trapped in the middle of nowhere with Malfoy having locked him up. Harry must explore with the ability to transform into Ron and Hermione along the way and find himself back to hogwarts. There he must ascend to the top of the highest tower and tech Malfoy a lesson once and for all!


  • Play as all 3 characters with ability to switch between them.
  • Lots of varied environments to explore.
  • A huge number of secrets to discover.
  • Epic final boss battle.


  • To terminate the effect of the Dragoniforce/Lapiforce spells, press the Enter key.
  • Don’t turn off dynamic lighting.

Author: Nottud

Main game: Prisoner of Azkaban

Difficulty: Medium

Date Added: 28 Nov 2023

Download ???

To author’s folders


Example of installation of modification (MOD)

Extract from the archive folder of modification and copy them to a folder with the game


  • run the game with debug mode enabled;
  • select any save that do not mind (better to start a new game and get to the point where you have control of Harry);
  • press ~ (`);
  • enter to the console (you can use the method of “copy-paste”) the command open OneStrangeAdventure.unr and press Enter.

Video Walkthrough (can be used cheats)

Note: after downloading the modification from any site, be sure to scan it with antivirus software.

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