Modification “Max Potter and the Mystery of Ravenclaw” (PA)


This standalone modification tells the story of a new student, Max Potter. To install the modification, you need to run the executable file (we recommend changing the installation path to, for example, d:\games\Max… or c:\games\Max…), and after the installation is complete, copy the new one to the Documents folder the save folder from the archive with the modification (Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban). You may also need to install three fonts on your system, especially if you have chosen the German version.

Author: UDA Spiele (Dmitri Umerow)

Main game: Prisoner of Azkaban

Difficulty: Medium

Date Added: 2020-12-14

Download ???

To author’s folders


Example of installation of modification (MOD)

Extract from the archive folder of modification and copy them to a folder with the game

Supported languages: DE Deutsch, RU Русский


  • run the game with debug mode enabled;
  • select any save that do not mind (better to start a new game and get to the point where you have control of Harry);
  • press ~ (`);
  • enter to the console (you can use the method of “copy-paste”) the command open .unr and press Enter.

Video Walkthrough (can be used cheats)

Note: after downloading the modification from any site, be sure to scan it with antivirus software.

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