“HP and the Philosopher’s Stone” for Game Boy Advance


Another game on the theme of the first book. The Game Boy Advance console was released later by GameBoy Color and allowed developers to create a more complex and interesting game.

Features of the game. It can be safely attributed to the Arcade genre. The main features of this game: the player needs to check all the corners, break everything that beats, and send spells to everything that is currently on the screen, as well as be careful with enemies taking away Harry’s life force, measured in lightning. As soon as the last lightning disappears from the screen, the task will have to be performed again. The castle and adjacent territories also have their own peculiarities: hidden traps, holes in the floor.

Lesson completed

Harry’s in the castle

Among the innovations, it is possible to highlight the books of saving the state of the game – in case of unsuccessful completion of the task, the game will continue from the place of the last save. It is a pity that these books are practically not found where they are really needed. Separately, it is worth highlighting the territories outside the castle: with all the limitations of the platform, the developers managed to implement quite a lot: after leaving the castle, we have access to: the entrance to the maze leading to Hagrid’s hut, the entrance to the Quidditch stadium, several greenhouses. It is noticeable that the developers tried to fully use all the features of the platform.

Let’s go to the yard

The plot. After the launch of the new game, we are shown a slide show, “commented on” by Albus Dumbledore and replacing a considerable number of events described in the book. At the end of this introduction, Harry, Ron and I find ourselves at the entrance doors inside the castle. Ron informs Harry that they need to go to a defense against the Dark Arts class and immediately runs away. Looking around in search of something useful is not worth it yet – Harry does not know a single spell yet. We need to run after Ron. On the way to the Defense against the Dark Arts class, we will meet Draco Malfoy with his entourage, Peeves, Percy Weasley, and other students walking around the castle.

Studied Flipendo

Let’s go to potions

Spell lessons are conducted monotonously: the teacher talks about the spell, demands that Harry repeat the movements of the magic wand after him. The more diligently the task is completed, the more points are awarded to Gryffindor. After mastering the spell, a practical consolidation of what has been studied is carried out – you need to pass a series of tests in the form of solving puzzles, fighting enemies and collecting useful items.

Tasks outside the castle are performed similarly. As the game progresses, more and more new sections of Hogwarts open up. At the same time, you can freely move around all open areas.

You can’t come here


Graphics in general. Significant improvements are noticeable compared to the Game Boy Color game: the resolution of the screen has increased, the characters have become more recognizable, although some can still be recognized only in dialogues).

Main staircase

Characters. Graphically executed very well – students can be distinguished from each other, teachers are recognized without any problems. All the characters are mute – the dialogues are designed in the form of pop-up message windows. This move allowed the developers to reduce the final file size of the game and pay more attention to graphics. All the replicas “spoken” by the characters are displayed in pop-up windows. The quality of the dialogues does not cause complaints, for example, Professor Quirrell constantly stutters :-). The motion animation is also quite good, but only taking into account the platform :-).

Friends and enemies. In addition to Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, there are also aggressive creatures towards Harry, for example, gnomes and plants.

Musical arrangement. The gameplay is accompanied by pretty good melodies, somewhat reminiscent of those from the movie. In addition to the melody, laughter, screams, and sounds characteristic of the characters are also voiced.

Video clip of the passing game

Snape’s first lesson

What can be found in the courtyard of Hogwarts

What you can play on . The game can be played both on the appropriate console, and using a computer with an emulator program installed. When choosing the second method, not the newest computer will do, but still finally, the requirements for the computer nodes are determined in accordance with the emulator used.

The result. Not a bad game – we have Hogwarts at our disposal, quite interesting puzzles, but the plot of the book has been significantly changed. Recommended to all fans of video games and the work of J.K. Rowling.

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