Online streaming. Magic semi-technical school. April 23, 15:00 MSK ;-)

Hello! Cornelius Fudge issued an order:

I, Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, are ordering all the magic schools in my region to add support for so-called Muggle magic.

This will increase the rating of our schools, compared to all others.

I appoint Lucius Malfoy as inspectors. He will periodically call to school or may come in person.

Deadline for the execution of the order: September 1, 5:00.

Date of publication: August 31, 18:00

After the meeting, Professor Dumbledore appointed responsible for the transformation of the school of the incomparable Gilderoy Lockhart, who indicated that he knew everything about Muggle technology and what a magical-technical school should look like.

Gilderoi studied photographs of technical schools, as well as a couple of textbooks on computer science and electronics.

In the process of transforming the school, Gilderoy fell out with Argus Filch …

What did you end up with?

The usual learning process, but in slightly modified scenery ;-)

Record this stream (in Russian).

P.S. Despite the strangeness of what is happening in the video, in it you can see references to famous scientists, as well as some third-party topics …

P.P.S. Thanks to Rina Herman and SakuraHynan for their help in the implementation of this strange idea :-).

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