Chambers of Secrets: The 4 Secrets in adv11bSecrets

When playing the level adv11bSecrets in the game Chamber of Secrets, many players were unable to find all 4 secrets hidden in this level.

The riddle of this level was finally solved when we opened the level in Koops’ level editor. As we have already mentioned in various comments in the past, the secret in a narrow corridor is broken. The problem is that the secret zone marker is simply not active, and when Harry visits this zone, the “zone is found” event simply doesn’t activate.

Here’s a video showing the location of all 4 secrets:

You can download a fixed version of the level here.

Disclaimer: because the level editor is not perfect, this file can cause various bugs in the triggers. Keep that in mind and don’t be surprised if some things don’t work.

You can find out about the basic terms in our MOD knowledge database.

Level debugged by Professor Alexms69

Translation into English: Andrew


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