Chamber of Secrets. Display Mode and Compatibility with Windows 8+

Window mode and nonstandard screen resolution, as well as changing the color depth for compatibility with Windows 8 and newer systems.

The game developers have not guessed to add to the game the possibility of playing in windowed mode, but the game engine itself supports this.

Open the game.ini file, which is located in the game save folder:

  • Windows 8+: Documents\Harry Potter II
  • Windows XP: My Documents\Harry Potter II

Putting the game into windowed mode: replace it in 2 places

To return to full screen mode, just change False to True in the same two lines

Change screen resolution in full screen mode: replace in 2 places

(640×480 -> 1920×1080)


change to


Change screen resolution in windowed mode: replace in 2 places

640×480 -> 1920×1080


change to


Known issues after changing the resolution of the game screen: if you set the screen resolution is not in the ratio of 4:3 (640×480, 1024×768), but in the now popular format 16:9 (horizontally extended monitors), the bottom of the menu may not be displayed in the game.

Change the color depth: replace in 2 places




change to




After changing the color depth from 16 to 32 bits, the game usually stops slowing down under Windows 8/10.

Disabling the use of DirectDraw may be required under Windows 8/10 (thanks to Koops1997 for the find)


replace with


After making all the changes, we save the file and assign the read-only attribute to it, otherwise the game will overwrite it and reset your settings.

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