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On this page there are cards from the levels Diffindo, Boomslang Skin, a Piece of Goyle, Slytherin Rooms.

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Diffindo Challenge (4 4)

Silver №70

Leopoldina Smethwyck, 1829 – 1910.
First British witch to referee a Quidditch match.

№70 Search
A hiding place in the yard with snails.

Merwyn the Malicious, Medieval, dates unknown.
Credited with the invention of many unpleasant jinxes and hexes.

№12 Location

A room with a pixie and a snail.

Bronze №12

Bronze №18

Uric the Oddball, Medieval, dates unknown.
Highly eccentric wizard who is famed, among other things, for wearing a jellyfish for a hat.

№18 Search
A hiding place with a stairway.

Derwent Shimpling, 1912-present.
Ate an entire Venomous Tentacula for a bet and survived, though is still purple.

№8 Search

A cache with a fallen block.

Silver №8

Silver №85

Blenheim Stalk, 1920-present.
Non-magical expert and author of many books including ‘Non-Magical Who Notice,’ a study of non-magical awareness of magic.

№85 Search
A cache with a gallery.

Elladora Ketteridge, 1656 – 1729.
Witch who discovered the use of Gillyweed when she nearly suffocated after eating it and recovered only when she stuck her head into a bucket of water.

№49 Search

The hiding place behind the wall.

Bronze №49

Bronze №21

Lord Stoddard Withers, 1672 – 1769.
Breeder of flying horses.

№21 Search
The hiding place behind the wall.

Thaddeus Thurkell, 1632 – 1692.
Famous for producing seven Squib sons and turning them all into hedgehogs in disgust.

№87 Search

A hiding place with a snail trap.

Silver №87

Boomslang Skin (1 1)

Silver №90

Sacharissa Tugwood, 1874 – 1966.
Pioneer of Beautifying Potions. Discovered the pimple-curing properties of Bubotuber Pus.

№90 Search
Moving paths, Hiding place.

Tilly Toke, 1903 – 1991.
Gained Order of Merlin, First Class for saving non-magical lives during the Ilfracombe Incident of 1932, when a dragon swooped down on a beach full of sunbathers.

№28 Location.

The trunk is in the greenhouse.

Bronze №28

A piece of Goyle (4 2)

Bronze №83

Roderick Plumpton, 1889 – 1987.
Seeker for England Quidditch Team. Holds British record for fastest capture of Snitch during game: three and a half seconds.

№83 Location.
A glade with Bowtruckles.

Ignatia Wildsmith, 1227 – 1320.
Witch who invented Floo powder.

№62 Search.

Living room with fireplace.

Silver №62

Bronze №80

Beatrix Bloxam, 1794 – 1810.
Author of the Toadstool Tales, a series of childrens’ books since banned because they have been found to cause nausea and vomiting.

№80 Search
Elevator with 2 crabs, 2 snails.

Devlin Whitehorn, 1945-present.
Founder of the Nimbus racing broom company.

№44 Search

The niche behind the gargoyle above the quest with blades.

Bronze №44

Bronze №47

Edgar Stroulger, 1703 – 1798.
Inventor of the Sneakoscope.

№47 Search
A niche in the quest with blades.

Circe, Ancient Greek.
Lived on Island of Aeaea. Expert at turning lost sailors into pigs.

№22 Search

The clearing behind the bridge.

Silver №22

Slytherin Rooms (3 2)

Silver №3

Elfrida Clagg, 1612 – 1687.
Chieftaness of Warlock’s Council.

№3 Search
Balcony over the abyss.

Adalbert Waffling, 1899 – 1981.
Famous magical theoretician.

№24 Search
Hiding place, by moving steps.

Bronze №24

Bronze №67

Justus Pilliwickle, 1862 – 1953.
Celebrated Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

№67 Search
Library, hiding place above the cabinets.

Morgan le Fay, Medieval, dates unknown.
King Arthur’s half sister. Dark sorceress. Enemy of Merlin.

№17 Search

The hiding place behind the gargoyle.

Silver №17

Bronze №95

Yardley Platt, 1446 – 1557.
Serial goblin-killer.

№95 Search
The hiding place behind the fountain.

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