Chamber of Secrets and… arachnophobes


There are a lot of spiders in the game and its modifications. However, not everyone loves these eight-legged cute creatures. What. Let’s look at a couple of simple ways to hide spiders relatively easily.

  1. Use the program HP and your PC. In it, you can set up a list of cheat codes and assign keys to them.
  2. Manually correct the user.ini file from the game’s save folder.

In both cases, in the user.ini file (or just user, if you are embarrassed to tell your Windows not to hide the extensions of registered file types) you need to find the hotkey section (the names of the keys with the “=” sign) and append to pair of free keys the following:

set Aragog Mesh skeletalMesh 'HPModels.skBlueJellyBeanMesh'


set Spider Mesh skeletalMesh 'HPModels.skBlueJellyBeanMesh'

The first command turns Aragog into candy. The second team does the same with the other spiders. Use them as soon as you see spiders in the scene.

Successful walks around Hogwarts.