LEGO HP 5-7: Characters


The location of the characters’ icons. We specifically do not provide detailed descriptions – so as not to spoil the experience of the gameplay 😉

Replayable locations (72 characters)

Year 5

“Dark Times”

1. Dudley (Grey top). 1 location. Strong character + orange handle on the carousel.

2. Elphias Doge. Location after the flight over London. Fill the urn with water.

3. Arthur (Suit). Round room with elevators. In one of the elevators.

“Dumbledore’s Army”

4. Neville (Winter). 1 location. Collecting a snowman (spectral-astral glasses are needed)

5. Hermione (Searf). We use suckers from the Weasley box on the pub wall

6. Cho (Winter). Pub basement. Riding in a vehicle


7. Dudley’s Gang Member. Location 1. Trampoline

8. Molly (Apron). Location 2. A cabinet with locks + a strong character

9. Snape (Underwear). Platform 9 and 3/4. Climb on suckers from the Weasley box on the left side of the location

“Kreacher Discomforts”

10. Arthur Weasley. Knock down 5 red-green wreaths in the kitchen

11. Kreacher. The subject for the dark character to the right of the portrait of Sirius’ mother

12. Sirius Black. A room with a family tree. Aquarium on the left

“A Giant Virtuoso”

13. Professor Umbridge. The clock in Umbridge’s office

14. Emmeline Vance. The Forbidden Forest. with the help of aguamenti, we grow flowers on the wall, and then we knock them down

15. Neville Longbottom. The forbidden forest. the chest next to the sleeping Grawp. Need a strong character

“A Veiled Threat”

16. Lucius (Death Eater). We assemble the unit on a table with blue balls on stands

17. Hermione (Jumper). We fill it with water and shake something like a green aquarium

18. Fudge (Vizengamot). Location with Dumbledore. To the right of the statue of the magic brotherhood

Year 6

“Out of Retirement”

19. Slughorn (Pyjamas). Location 1. Smash 5 garden gnomes

20. Milk Man. Location 1. Get seeds from Hermione’s bag and “grow” a flower

21. Dumbldore (Cursed). Location 2. Play with the bathroom and repair the toilet

“Just Desserts”

22. Madam Rosmerta. Pub, utility room on the top floor, on the right

23. Cormac (Suit). Pub. Putting out the fire in the fireplace on the main floor

24. Harry (Christmas). Slughorn’s office. On the balcony, we use Hermione’s bag, go into the office, open the curtains. With the help of spectral-astral glasses, we restore the portrait on the fireplace

“A Not So Merry Christmas”

25. Molly Weasley. The yard at the entrance to the “Burrow”. We repair and use a squeezer

26. Bill Weasley (Wedding). The yard at the entrance to the “Burrow”. we use Ron’s deluminator

27. Tonks (Pink Coat). Swamp. We dig out the stump

“Love Hurts”

28. Professor Slughorn. Location 1. Repairing the piano and skeleton

29. Ginny Weasley. Location 1 – Slughorn’s office. We extinguish the fire in the fireplace and dig out

30. Draco (Suit). Using Ron’s deluminator

“Felix Felicis”

31. Professor Sprout. Location 1. We extract spectral-astral glasses in the greenhouse on the left and assemble a strange device, which we immediately destroy

32. Hagrid. Location 2. Use Hermione’s bag in the hollow

33. Fang. Location 2. Drive the shrews

“The Horcrux & The Hand”

34. Professor Dumbledore. Location 1. Dark object on the right

35. Tom Riddle (Orphanage). Location 3 is on the island. breaking up 3 items for dark wizards

36. Hagrid (Wedding). Location 4. Hogwarts is on fire. Near Snape’s dueling ring is a chest with a handle for a strong character

Year 7. Part 1

“The Seven Harrys”

37. Mad-Eye Moody. Location 2. Privit drive. we fill the rocket with water

38. Ron (Wedding). Location 3. Wedding tent – we collect a musical instrument on the left

39. Hermione (Red Dress). Location 3. Wedding tent. Barrel

“Magic Is Might”

40. Harry (Albert Runcorn). Location 1. The magic cabinet on the left

41. Ron (Reg Cattermole). Location 2. We light 3 lanterns

42. Hermione (Mafalda). Location with elevators. Elevator with red sparks

“In Grave Danger”

43. Lily Potter. Location 1. On the left

44. Bathilda (Snake). Location 2. Bathilda’s house. We use a squeezer

45. Harry (Godric’s Hollow). Location 2. Bathilda’s house. We hit 4 objects with a spell. The last 4th is available already during the fight with the snake

“Sword & Locket”

46. Harry (Locket). Location 1. Under water. Located to the right of a large ice structure

47. Ron (Underwear). Location 2. On the right. Snowman

48. Hermione (Grey Coat). Location 2. We collect crafts invisible without spectral-astral glasses in three places

“Lovegood’s Lunacy”

49. Xenophilius (Luna). Location 1. Collect a large rabbit and jump a couple of times

50. Luna (Purple Coat). Location 2. Lovegoods House. Near the drum kit

51. Skeleton. Location 2. Work for a dark wizard


52. Wormtail. Location 1. Basement of the Malfoy mansion. The thing for the dark wizard is at the bottom left

53. Ollivander. Location 1. Basement of the Malfoy mansion. At the bottom-in the middle we apply Lumos

54. Dobby. Location 2. The Malfoy Mansion. Locker on the left

Year 7. Part 2

“The Thief’s Downfall”

55. Griphook. Location 1. Use the Weasley Twins Box

56. Bogrod. Location 2. Safe. In the chest on the right

57. Hermione (Gringotts). Location 2. Safe. We are collecting a collection of three golden heads

“Return to school”

58. Alecto Carrow. Location 1. Hogsmeade. We destroy the garbage and open the cabinet

59. Aberforth Dumbledore. Location 2. Room on requirement. A pen for a strong character. On the right

60. Amycus Carrow. Location 3. The Great Hall. A chest for a dark character. On the right

“Burning Bridges”

61. The Grey Lady. Location 1. Hogwarts. The Statue of the Magician

62. Seamus Finnigan. Location 2. Hogwarts. Bridge. using the Weasley twins box

63. Neville (Cardigan). Location 3. Dungeon. Hermione’s bag

“Friendly madness”

64. Gregory Goyle. Location 2. Room on requirement. Safe deposit

65. Harry (Brown jacket). Location 2. One of the islands. With the help of Mr. Weasley, we are repairing a unit of unknown purpose

66. Tom Riddle. Location 2. Help out-room. On one of the islands we assemble a bed and jump on it

“Snape’s Tears”

67. Fenrir Greyback. Location 1. Niche

68. Death Eater. Location 1. Safe

69. Professor Snape. Location 2. Boathouse. Breaking the caught fish for the dark wizard

“The Flaw In The Plan”

70. Bellatrix Lestrange. Location 2. Bridges. Duel

71. Kingsley Shacklebolt. Locations 1 and 3. Courtyard. Put out five pairs of bonfires

72. Lord Voldemort. Location 3. Courtyard. Not far from the fighting Harry and Voldemort

Free locations

London (4):

73. Mafalda Hopkirk. –

74. Mary Cattermole. Next to the garbage truck

75. Rufus Scrimgeour. Next to the garbage truck. Need Ron

76. Ministry Guard. Safe near the phone booth. Need a character with keys

London. Cafe (8):

77. Dolohov (Workman). Wiping the tables

78. Mrs Cole. A utility room in a cafe. Need a dark character

79. Waitress (Luchino). Utility room, color music

80. Dudley Dursley. For cooking lunch

81. Petunia Dursley. We write on the blackboard

82. Petunia (Green coat). On the right

83. Vernon Dursley. Utility room, dishes

84. Thorfinn Rowle. Coffee machine. Need a dark character

Platform 9 and 3/4 (3).

85. Muggle Orphan. To the right of the kiosk

86. Waitress (Treats). Kiosk

87. Dudley (Shirt). Pet Tube

Hogwarts. One of the halls… In front is the exit to the covered bridge on the right, to the right is the entrance to the location with movable stairs

88. Susan Bones. Armor on the left side of the location

Hogwarts. One of the halls… On the left are the Flitwick classes

89. Hermione (Cardigan). We move the chess pieces…

Hogwarts. Location in front of the Divination Class

90. Ginny (Dress). Location at the entrance to the Divination class

Hogwarts. Movable stairs (5)

91. Zacharias Smith. An opening opened with Diffindo

92. Regulus Black. Next to Dumbledore’s office

93. Dumbledore (Young). Next to his office

94. Ernie Prang. In the magic cabinet, just above Dumbledore’s office

95. Dedalus Diggle. The very top of the movable stairs

Hogwarts. At the entrances to the living rooms (7)

96. Blaise Zabini. At the entrance to the room in front of the Slytherin living room

97. Fat Lady. Restoring the bowls at the entrance to the Gryffindor living room

98. Ron (Blue Pyjamas). The magic cabinet at the entrance to the room in front of the Hufflepuff living room

99. Madam Pomfrey. The room at the entrance to the Hufflepuff living room

100. Neville (Tank Top). The room at the entrance to the Hufflepuff living room

101. Draco (Sweater). At the entrance to the Slytherin living room

102. Goyle (Jumper). Playing with statues at the entrance to the Slytherin living room

Hogwarts. At the entrance to the Ravenclaw living room

103. Marcus Belby. In one of the corridors

Hogwarts. Gryffindor Living Room (4)

104. Ginny (Pyjamas). At the exit to the stairs (the location leading to the movable stairs)

105. Harry (Pyjamas). Throw a dart

106. Hermione (Ball Gown). Need to climb on the cabinet

107. McGonagall (Pyjamas). Using Ron’s skill

Hogwarts. Library (2)

108. Madam Irma Pince. Assembling the fan

109. Anthony Goldstein. A niche behind many obstacles

Hogwarts. The corridor in front of Flitwick’s classroom (1)

110. Ron (Red Sweater). Playing with armor

Hogwarts. Flitwick’s class, which is to the left (2)

111. Lavender Brown. Charms class. Destroy the statue

112. Cho Chang. Restoring the armor

Hogwarts. The Flitwick class that is to the right (Diffindo) (3)

113. Hannah Abbott. We help Flitwick to show his conducting talent

114. Justin Finch-Fletchley. Breaking the cylindrical robot

115. Professor Flitwick. Playing with fish

Hogwarts. Astronomical Tower (4)

116. Grindelwald (Old). Astronomical Tower

117. Antonin Dolohov. Astronomical Tower

118. Grindelwald (Young). In the magic cabinet

119. Professor McGonagall. Solving a puzzle involving Ron

Hogwarts. Divination Class (2)

120. Professor Trelawney. Divination Class

121. Neville (Pyjamas). Divination Class

Hogwarts. Potions Class (1)

122. Charity Burbage. We interact with four objects

Hogwarts. Dark Arts defense Class (2)

123. Umbridge (Wizengamot). Not far from the stained glass wall

124. Draco Malfoy. Repairing the skeleton

Hogwarts. Location near the Great Hall (2)

125. Dean Thomas. In the far right corner

126. Ron (Green Shirt). You need to use suction cups

Hogwarts. The Great Hall (3)

127. Penelope Clearwater. Magic cabinet + 3 candles

128. Fat Friar. The Great Hall

129. The Bloody Baron. We shake out the mats at the teachers’ table

Hogwarts. Location to the right of the location near the Great Hall (3)

130. Charlie Weasley. Location near the Great Hall. Sucker-mounted walking panel on the left

131. Fred (OWLs). The location where you can get from the location next to the Great Hall 😉

132. George (OWLs). The location where you can get from the location next to the Great Hall 😉

Hogwarts. The location is to the right of the location near the Great Hall. Hidden room (2)

133. Arthur (Torn Suit). On the right

134. Argus Filch. In the closet

Hogwarts. 7th floor (5)

135. Luna (Yellow Dress). Armor and Feather

136. Vincent Crabbe. Stubborn armor near the room on requirement

137. Dirk Cresswell. The magic cabinet in the right wing

138. Cormac McLaggen. Shake 4 chandeliers

139. Blaise (Black Shirt). Flip 4 bowls 😉

Hogwarts. Quidditch (5)

140. Madam Hooch. Quidditch

141. Ron (Quidditch). Quidditch

142. Nymphadora Tonks. Quidditch

Hogwarts. Main courtyard (flight courtyard on the left):

Hogwarts. The yard in front of the locked owlet (2):

Hogwarts. Flight yard (near greenhouses) (1):

143. Cornelius Fudge. To the left of the entrance to the Herbology class

Hogwarts. Herbology Class (2):

144. Slughorn (Young). In the far right corner. Need a dark character

145. Arthur (Cardigan). Playing with Hermione’s bag

Hogwarts. Between the main courtyard and the covered bridge (on the way to the stone circle) (1):

146. Rita Skeeter. We grow and break 4 flowers

Hogwarts. Stone Circle (near Hagrid’s hut and Quidditch pitch) (2):

147. Professor Grubbly-Plank. Watering the stone

148. Bellatrix (Azkaban). We take off over the stone circle

Hogwarts. Forbidden Forest (3):

149. Padma Patil. The Forbidden Forest. To the right of the swamp

150. Ketie Bell. The Forbidden Forest. Over a hummock in a swamp

151. Luna (Blue Jumper). In the hollow of the tree on the left

Hogwarts. Black Lake (2):

152. Professor Binns. Safe on the stairs

153. Crabbe (Jumper). Work for a strong character. By the lake itself

Nocturn Alley (6):

154. Sirius (Azkaban). About in the middle

155. Slytherin Twin #1. To the left of the entrance to some store 😉

156. Slytherin Twin #2. In the middle, on the left

157. Narcissa Malfoy. Borgin and Berks

158. Pius Thicknesse. Not far from the entrance

159. Mrs Black. Borgin and Berks

Diagon Alley. Weasley’s Store (4):

160. George (Pyjamas). Weasley’s store. Near the exit

161. George Weasley. Weasley’s Store

162. Fred (Pyjamas). Weasley’s Store

163. Fred Weasley. Weasley’s store. Near the stairs

Diagon Alley. Madame Malkin’s Store (1):

164. Madam Malkin. Her own store. Mannequin

Diagon Alley (2):

165. Mundungus Fletcher. In the alley itself

166. Gregorovitch. In the alley itself. Illuminating the green tentacles

Leaky cauldron (2):

167. Mrs Figg. 2nd floor, cinema

168. Hestia Jones. Above the bar

Hogsmeade. Station (2):

169. Station Guard. Playing with torches

170. Luna (Overalls). Flying on a broom

Hogsmeade. The village itself (5):

171. Dean (Winter). Work for a pet

172. Seamus (Winter). Work for a pet

173. Harry (Winter). Knock down 7 icicles at the entrance to the “3 broomsticks”

174. Parvati Patil. To the left of “3 broomsticks”

175. Marietta Edgecombe. Above the safe

Hogsmeade. In front of the village (3):

176. Michael Corner. The barrel is at the fork in the left part of the location

177. Fred (Winter). A wheelbarrow at the fork in the left part of the location

178. George (Winter). Frozen tree in the right part of the location, at the fork

Hogsmeade. Between the station and the village (3):

179. Lily (Young Casual). Lake

180. James Potter (Young). At the entrance to Hogwarts. Need a strong character

181. Luna Lovegood. At the entrance to Hogwarts. We collect the ladder

Forest (14):

182. Snatcher. Lawn. To the right of the sad skeleton of a cow

183. James Potter (Ghost). A clearing on the left. Patronus

184. Lucius Malfoy. In the right part of the big clearing, a dark character is needed

185. Dragomir Despard. To the left of the tent, in the barn

186. Albert Runcorn. Use the fishing rod to the right of the tent

187. Remus Lupin. Send a spell to 3 cow skeletons

188. Percy Weasley. In the lake

189. Reg Cattermole. Lawn. Closer to the far left edge. Something like a big bush

190. Ron (Winter Clothes). From the tent – up and to the right. Lift 3 frozen objects

191. Xenophilius Lovegood. In the far right part of the large clearing

192. Yaxley. Lawn. Need a dark character

193. Hermione (Ministry). A clearing. Sea view. Pebbles

194. Fleur Delacour. Blue flower to the left of the sad skeleton of a cow

195. Scabior. To the right of Lucius Malfoy’s badge. Need a dark character

Forest. Tent (1):

196. Xenophilius (Wedding). Tent. The magic cabinet on the left

Other locations (4)

197. Elphias Doge. Astronomical Tower

198. Moaning Myrtle. At the entrance to the Ravenclaw living room

199. Luna (Pink dress). –

200. Neville (waiter). At the entrance to the Divination class (?)

Add-on for XBox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Sony Playstation 4 (not available for PC, WB got greedy) (10):

201. Godric Gryffindor. –

202. Helga Hufflepuff. –

203. Rowena Ravenclaw. –

204. Salazar Slytherin. –

205. Lockhart (Straight jacket). –

206. Luna (Lion Head). –

207. Harry (Yule Ball). –

208. Peeves. –

209. Hermione (Pink Dress). –

210. Ron Weasley (Ghoul). –