Tabletop games


In addition to video games for computers and video game consoles, board games have existed or still exist. The plot for them, judging by the descriptions, served and are the fantasies of their creators on the topic of official books and the existing developments based on board games for other topics popular at that time. In general, roughly the same approach as for creating video games.

Below is a summary of some of these games. More information can be found among fans of similar games. Since finding these board games is already quite difficult, and You-Know-Who does not allow publishing their scanned versions.

Harry Potter Mystery at Hogwarts Game (2000).

To win the game, you need to be the first to solve the Mystery of Hogwarts. But a wrong answer equates to a loss.

Package Contents : game board, two hex dice, 6 player tokens, ghost token, 10 green Hogwarts cards, 23 blue clue cards, checklist.

Harry Potter Diagon Alley Board Game (2001) . For 3-6 players, ages 8+

Purpose of the game: visit each Diagon Alley store and purchase a unit of goods that are sold there. The first player to complete their inventory and return to the Leaky Cauldron wins.

Game components: playing field; sign “Closed”; two dice (hexagonal dice); 6 player tokens; 6 lists of school supplies (goods, 6 pieces each): potions, cauldrons, robes, magic wands, spell books, owls; 60 money tokens (Gold Galleons – 20, Silver Sickles – 20, Bronze Knats – 20); Diagon Alley cards: Spells (cards with parchment background) – 30 pcs., Instant enchantments (cards with lilac background) – 16 pcs.

Harry Potter Trading Card Game (2001).

The game is designed for two players. The players take turns making moves. The main goal of each move is to inflict maximum damage on the enemy and minimize the amount of damage inflicted by the enemy. When inflicting damage, the enemy must remove from his playing deck or from his playing field a certain number of cards to his demolition deck. The loser is the player who runs out of the deck first.
Cards for the game were released gradually. When the game lost its popularity, a computer version was made for playing online.

Harry Potter: Le Jeu des Sortilèges (Harry Potter: The Game with Spells) . Gallimard Jeunesse / PlayBac. 26-05-2016. Players age: 8+.

Package contents: 180 question cards, 20 spell cards.

Purpose of the game: to answer questions about the wizarding world. The questions can be quite funny. There are 3 difficulty levels available. After three correct answers, you cast a spell on your opponent by giving him the appropriate spell card.


Harry Potter: Le jeu. 1,000 questions et défis (Harry Potter: The Game. 1,000 Questions and Problems). Gallimard Jeunesse / PlayBac. 10-10-2013. Players age: 8+.

Purpose of the game: answer questions across seven books and prove that you are a fan of the wizarding world of Mr. Potter.

Package contents: playing field, 6 chips, 1 cube (dice), game rules, hourglass for 45 seconds, 360 cards and 4 boxes with dispensers.