Philosopher’s Stone (Sorcerer’s Stone). Answers to questions


On this page you can find answers to the most popular questions about the game.

General recommendations (for all platforms)

All games based on the first movie and the first book (2001 and 2003) have a linear plot.

Therefore, to successfully view the final scene, you do not have to collect all the cards of famous people, get maximum points in mini-games and when studying spells. Just follow the prompts from other characters.

Completing a secondary goal (collecting all the cards and a certain number of beans) adds 2 frames to the final scene in the PC version of the game, a couple of little things in the Playstation 1 version.

In JRPG genre games (for pocket consoles), cards can be useful against monsters, since the game developers for some reason added the function of adding additional character features to the cards. Also in these games it is important that the character fights as often as possible (with rats, spiders, just like in the book 😉 ). This is very boring and tedious, so we almost do not consider games for Gameboy on our website.

At Hogwarts

Beginning of the game

Goal: to get acquainted with the basic game mechanics. For example, how to interact with objects, jump on cabinets, use chocolate frogs, collect beans, buy cards from Fred and George. In this and at the beginning of the next level, Harry’s fall down is still safe, as there is an opportunity to climb up again. But later falls will return Harry to the place of the last save.

It is not necessary to study spells at 100%, since there is only one scenario in this game.

Malfoy’s Firecrackers

The strategy of passing is very simple: you need to dodge the firecracker thrown towards Harry, approach it (Harry will take it), then turn Harry towards Malfoy and throw the firecracker at Malfoy. It is advisable to do all this as soon as possible, otherwise those pairs of chocolate frogs may not be enough.

In the Playstation game, Crabbe and Goyle also join Malfoy, but Harry has to throw firecrackers only at Malfoy.

Corridor near the toilet

The main thing in this level is to first escape from the troll (a path of beans will tell you the right way), and then break the objects that the troll throws towards Harry and Ron (“Flipendo!”).

Forbidden Corridor

The main problem: a three-headed dog. Solving this problem requires perseverance and patience (it is also recommended to reduce the volume levels of sounds to a minimum, since the sound of the flute in this game is very nasty). You need to alternately play the flute for each dog’s head, then you need to run up only to those heads that are beginning to wake up. Experimentally, you can come up with your optimal strategy.

If the dog does not respond to the sounds of the flute, and its sounds are not similar to the melody of the flute, then Harry should come closer to the dog.

Winged Keys

If you fly in the opposite direction, you can deceive the evil keys, but this is unlikely to help catch the main key. Therefore, the skills of catching the snitch will come in handy here.

Playing chess

In all official games 2001…2010, where there is a plot based on the first film (2001), there is only a strange imitation of chess: you need to provoke other chess pieces to destroy each other in some way. For example, for Harry to stand on the squares of the chessboard that are close enough to one of the chess pieces. But you can not place Harry on the next cell, otherwise you will have to go back to the last save of the game. If you have difficulties, then try to look at the solution in video passage.

Last encounter

The level itself begins with a cut-scene that cannot be skipped (it can only be accelerated a little if you put the game into debug mode and press the Spacebar.

After the cut scene, Harry should not approach the center with a mirror. He can hide behind the nearest column. And you need to look out from behind it so that Voldemort stops right behind this column. After that, Harry should apply a Flipendo to this column. If it’s done right, then Voldemort won’t like it. Similarly, you need to do 5 times with other columns, after which Voldemort will destroy the sixth column.

After destroying all the columns, Harry has to apply Flipendo to the mirror many times. The mirror should be turned towards Voldemort. Then the green spells will be reflected in the direction of this not very pleasant gentleman.

Voldemort’s spells should be avoided: run away to the side, while trying to put Harry so that he was hidden behind a mirror.

If the allotted three attempts are not enough, then you can apply cheat-codes.

Snape’s Office (End)

Funny cut scene, after which the credits are displayed. If this is not the case, you may be using a faulty build of the game.

Hogwarts surroundings

Broomstick chase

There is an interesting feature in this level. If you fly in the opposite direction during the chase, ignoring the comments from the game, then Malfoy will fly towards Harry. This can greatly simplify the task, because Malfoy can throw bludgers in only one direction 😉

But if you play honestly, the best option is to use the acceleration key to overtake Malfoy and fly above him. As soon as Harry catches up with Malfoy, we lower Harry and press the hit key (CTRL).

Approximately the same strategy in the PS2 version.

Learning Spells and Potions

Lesson on the spell “Flipendo”

The most difficult stage of this level: you need to deftly jump on mobile platforms. The task is complicated by the fact that there are caches along the way. Try not to rush: before jumping onto a new platform, take a closer look at how close it comes to the place where Harry is now and how long it stays close enough to jump on it.

In the room with the gnomes, just try to keep Harry constantly moving and turning until all the gnomes get their Flipendo. After that, you can safely walk around the room and look around. Well, then you can approach the teacher.

Flight lesson

The teacher adds points to Gryffindor only at the very first visit to this lesson. Therefore, there is no point in trying to improve your results later (even if the teacher says that Harry earned 10, 15, 20 points for Gryffindor, this will not be true, at least in a computer game).

Spell Lesson (Wingardium Leviosa)

This is a very linear level, the main thing is the skill of jumping when the platform is in place.

Herbology lesson

The ability to jump will come in handy again. you should also keep a safe distance from predatory plants.

Lesson on the Incendio spell

You will meet three ascending and descending platforms for Wingardium-Leviosa. They open a button for watering flowers, it is better to complete this task :-).

Lesson on the spell “Lumos”

In some cases, what is shown in the picture may happen: one of the glowing platforms is located too low. This can theoretically happen if the game is running in the graphics software drawing mode (without using a video card). But the optimal solution may be to use debug mode, namely: to make Harry jump away.

If Harry has reached the room with the teacher, but the lesson does not end, then it seems that there was a problem with one of the triggers of the game. You can try to go through this lesson again or use cheat codes (for example, go to the next level: open Lev3_PreDungeon.unr).

Harry can touch Sir Nicholas (Nearly Headless Nick), but the Bloody Baron can spoil Harry’s health.

Potions Lesson

The location of a pair of well-hidden cards is shown below.

The first hiding place. First you need to visit the secret corridor (1), then very carefully jump down to the elevator platform (2), after that you can climb up, take the star and continue your journey through the dungeon (3).

Photo 1. One of the not very safe places of Hogwarts (right after falling from the bridge)

The second hiding place is opened by the Bloody Baron. You have to follow him very carefully so that he doesn’t notice Harry. The grille closes with a delay of a couple of seconds.

Photo 2. Here we are convinced that the Baron is not very sociable (this is already in the second part of the lesson)

The third hiding place also depends on the ghost.

Photo 3. Baron is needed again.

To complete this lesson, you need to collect all the ingredients. Along the way, you can also find cards, beans and stars. You can’t touch the ghost – the Bloody Baron, but there are a couple of places shown earlier where you can’t go without him. When the Baron is near, the flame of the torches fades a little.

Professor Snape likes to take points from Gryffindor. Therefore, he can do it both at the beginning and at the end of the lesson.


Each card has its own place in the album. If the card is skipped, its place will remain empty.

To get the last card (with the number 25), you need to collect 24 cards and at least 250 beans by the end of the game (before communicating with the cute dog). If this condition is not met, then the final cut scene will be missing two frames in which Ron gives Harry this card.

The card shows Harry himself. Apparently, Ron ordered its manufacture somewhere.


The game is something like a long corridor divided into parts. All these parts strictly follow one another. Therefore, if you forgot to take something in the previous levels, then you can’t go back and fix it. You can only start the game from the beginning.

This injustice was corrected in the next game for the computer.

It is also impossible to skip any of the levels, as they strictly follow one after the other.

If all the actions in the game are performed too quickly, then try switching it to windowed mode. Because fullscreen mode is one of the problems of many games.

Switching the game to windowed mode, making big jumps, going to any level and other unusual actions are available only in debugging mode. This mode is also called the cheat code mode (deceptive codes). There is information about this here.

But you need to use this mode very carefully, because with its help you can easily ruin the normal functioning of the game.

The Snitch in Quidditch can only be caught if Harry flies through the rings created by the snitch. And quite close to this ball. Ideally, you need to fly through all the rings. The closer to the snitch, the faster the scale will fill up and the faster the match will end.

You can’t skip cut scenes in this game. You can only speed them up a little, in debugging mode, with the help of quick keystrokes of the “Space bar”.

One of the visitors sent an interesting observation: there are noticeable differences in a couple of places in one of the copies of the computer game in English. An official explanation for this could not be found. Therefore, theoretically, it can be a lite version of the game for a specific region, or maybe a test build of the game. And here is the description of the differences:

I was playing the Russian version of the game and noticed the following:

1. At the “Path to Hagrid” level, there is a fire crab in the first gorge. You need to go around the log, and then, having dealt with it, go further.

2. At the “Down from the Tower” level in the last hall (with four blocks), the cubes need to be moved to simple platforms — such as they were before.

The English version is different. In the first case, there is no firecrab. Going around one of the logs, you stumble upon another log.

He needs to be pushed into a dent in the wall.

In the second case, the platforms are not simple, but some other, with chains.

All this does not affect the main gameplay, but I still wonder why this is so and whether it depends on the language.

If drawing the spell outline with the mouse does not work for you, then the reason may be that the game uses the program drawing mode of the image. The game itself can offer to choose the drawing mode (you need to choose Direct3D), or you can try to turn on this mode forcibly: by changing the hp.ini file, which is located in the Documents\Harry Potter folder.

If someone tells you that in the Philosopher’s Stone for a computer you need to collect a certain number of beans of each color, then… This should only be done in a Playstation 1 game.