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On this page you can find the questions asked by our visitors, as well as the answers to them.

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Difficult moments in the game, general questions

Question: Where can I download this game?
Answer: The game has not been officially sold since January 1, 2013.
Question: I can’t score 100% in the Defense against the Dark Arts Cabinet. Help!

Answer: On how to do this, as well as dial 100% in other places of the castle, read the article 100% Castle research.

Question: Why is Harry walking so slowly?
Answer: To make him run, you need to hold down the key Shift.

Question: Where are all the portable swamps?
Answer: Three swamps need to be unpacked in the yards:
– the main one (climb onto the roof, putting two benches on top of each other),
– paved (climb up the gutters to the roof)
– transfiguration yard (remove from tree)
And the last one is on the fifth floor at the entrance from the Grand Staircase, where the Weasley twins will already be waiting for us.

Question: What to do with a rectangular stone in a Stone circle?
Answer: We transfer it with the help of Wingardium Leviosa to a tall stone standing nearby …

…we climb on it and take a step forward…

…watch a short video.

Question: Where are the mini-games located in the castle?
Chess: Gryffindor living room, Library, Great Hall.
gobstones are located in courtyards.
Card games: one is on the fifth floor, in front of the clock tower, the second is near the suspension bridge.

Question: How to catch a snitch in the Gryffindor living room?
Answer: You need to stand in the center of the room, wait for the moment when the snitch starts to descend and slow down and press Enter.

Question: I won in gobstones, but the blue balls did not fly out and the percentages are not added. Why?
Answer: There are several types of this game, each has its own characteristics. To be credited with a win, you need to win 3 times.

Question: I’ve defeated three gobstones/spit stones players, but I can’t find a fourth.
Answer: The fourth player (the Hogwarts champion) is in the Paved Courtyard, this is a Gryffindor girl standing there in the corner of the courtyard and does not react to anything until a certain moment – until you defeat the previous three.

Question: I can’t burn a plant in the Herbology (Herbology) office/Owlet House/Paved courtyard. It grows very fast! What to do?
Answer: You need to put Harry in such a way that nothing prevents all the other characters from casting a spell. If at least one of them can’t do it, then there’s no point.

Question: I can’t find one of the chess pieces or one of the Hogwarts badges.
Answer: The location of all chess pieces, Hogwarts badges, etc. look here

Technical problems (the game does not start, freeze, etc.)

Question: My game freezes after the video, what should I do?
Answer: It is enough to rename the folder with the video movies \ neutral (add some symbol, for example). But after passing the problematic part, it is better to return the old name. This problem occurs in incorrectly assembled builds of the game (the movies.big file has been replaced with a folder with partially corrupted videos).

Changing the language of the game

Question: I have a game in English. Is there any way to switch it to another language?
Answer: A lot depends on which languages your instance of the game supports. Since the set of available languages usually depends on the region (Western European languages, USA, Eastern European languages, Scandinavian languages, Asian languages).

Fred and George boxes (12 pcs). Location

1. In the library behind the wardrobe
2. Stone circle, in a bush
3. On the way to the Owlet in the bushes
4. Outside the Owlet on the ledge when we drop the box, then go down for it and pick up
5. Boathouse, on the edge of the water next to the stairs
6. On the way to the Boathouse along the dirt road from the Paved courtyard
7. In a paved courtyard on a ledge near the wall, just above where it is necessary to burn the plant …

8, 9. Behind Hagrid’s hut in the bushes
10. At Hagrid’s hut from a broken pumpkin, which needs to plug the pipe
11. On the path of the Forbidden Forest in a bush
12. Down in the bushes near the place where Luna Lovegood fed the thestral

Flying creatures (5)

Question: What are these flying creatures and where are they?
Crows – on a suspension bridge, a Stone circle or at Hagrid’s hut
Owls – Owlet House
Seagulls – Boathouse
Doxy/Pixie – in the office of Protection From the Dark Forces, we open the Wingardium Levios desk
Bats – on the stone bridge we climb on the side …

…we go down the drain pipe down to the right, down and to the left.

Animal trails (3)

Question: Where are the animal tracks?
– Hippogriff tracks at the hedge next to Hagrid’s hut.

– There are centaur tracks at the entrance to the Forbidden Forest.

– Another trace of an unknown creature a little further down the path into the forest.

Luna Lovegood’s Stuff (5)

Q: Where are all the things of Luna Lovegood?
– Main yard – sweeping leaves next to a cart with firewood (hat)
– Library – on the table (hat in the form of a lion’s head)
– Large hall – on one of the tables (form)
– Entrance to the viaduct – on the floor next to the closet (newspaper)
– The courtyard of the Clock Tower – near the fountain (boots)

Gargoyles (Dean’s Assignment)

Question: Where are all the talking gargoyles that are asked to find One?
– Viaduct, entrance from the Main courtyard
– Fourth floor, loggia above the portrait of a clown
– Paved courtyard, against the wall on the right in the corner on the veranda
– A platform in the middle of the stairs leading to ZOTI’s office
– Transfiguration courtyard, next to a tree

Difficult passwords to portraits

– Portrait next to the Rescue room (“Three-faced”)
This portrait wants you to find his other self. We go down to the fourth floor. We walk through the corridors and find a portrait covered with cobwebs. We use the Incendio to tear the cobwebs from the picture. Let’s talk to the portrait to find out the password.

Portrait of a man in a red shirt on the fourth floor of a Moving staircase
Just like that, he won’t tell you the password, for this you will have to run around pretty much.
So, at the first stage, we go to the seventh floor and ask for a portrait near the Rescue Room. He will send you to Professor Basil Fronzak – this is a portrait of an English professor, a big fan of the Ravenclaw faculty from a Moving staircase, his second portrait (which in this case will not work) is in the corridor near Flitwick’s office. We’ll talk to him, and the next destination is a portrait of a shepherdess, which is located on the stairs near the Herbology office/Herbology. After talking with her, we will get another clue – a portrait at the entrance to the viaduct. We run to the specified portrait (on the right under the stairs). We talk to him, and once again we will be sent on. This time we will have a conversation with a portrait of an eternally drunk man with a dog hanging on a moving staircase. Despite the amount of alcohol, the portrait will remember the password! We return to the portrait in the red shirt and call the password.

Portrait of a clown in the library
This portrait wants to know the title of the headline from The Daily Prophet. We go to the Big Hall where students do their homework. If lighted candles are floating on the ceiling, we approach Dumbledore’s pulpit and pronounce Depulso to put them out. Now we direct the wand to the pulpit and pronounce the Accio to summon the postal owls to the hall…


…one of them will drop the package with the “Daily Prophet”. We pick it up, read the title and run to inform the portrait.

Portrait in the Slytherin dungeon.
The portrait guarding the entrance to the enemies’ lair will not tell you the password just like that, so we go to the Gryffindor bedroom. We put on the invisibility cloak and descend into the dungeon. In the corridor next to the portrait we will see two Slytherin students. They’re just about to walk through the portrait. We go after them and eavesdrop on the password. We return to the Gryffindor bedroom, take off the cloak and go down into the dungeon again. To pass through the portrait, we call the password twice, since the first time the lady will pretend that she just didn’t notice you.

Portrait with memory lapses in the corridor of the third floor
After talking to him, it turns out that the last time the password was pronounced fifty years ago. Where would we get an eyewitness of those days? Maybe a Crybaby Myrtle will do? We look for Myrtle’s toilet on the map and hit the road. We’ll talk to Myrtle, and she’ll remember the password. We return to the portrait and refresh his memory.

Mini-quests of teachers

Question: How do I complete Professor Snape’s assignment?
Answer: The book with the description of the moonstone is located in the Forbidden section of the library (the last row, on the left).

Question: How do I complete Professor Flitwick’s assignment?
Answer: The girl sitting at the table next to the fireplace in the Great Hall has the right book.

Question: How do I complete Professor Stem’s assignment?
Answer: The book is on the table by Neville’s bed in the boys’ bedroom.

Question: How do I complete Professor McGonagall’s assignment?
Answer: We go up to the 7th floor, at the foot of the stairs leading to the office of divination, we need to talk to two first-year students and come back.

How to play Gobstones

Question: My ball is constantly rolling slowly and I lose all the time. How to speed it up?
Answer: Switch to keyboard control. The longer you hold the “S” button and then immediately press “W”, the faster the ball flies. You can change the control in the controller Settings by setting the “Mouse Actions” to “Off” mode.

Question: How to play Traditional Gobstone?
Answer: The winner is the one who knocks out more stones from the circle.
Located in the Main Courtyard, next to the Large Hall. The opponent is a Hufflepuff player.

– As soon as the game starts, without moving the ball, we launch it as hard as possible, then one ball will definitely roll out of the circle, then the main thing is to knock out one ball for each turn, as an imaginary, an odd number of moves, so without making a single empty move, you can win.
– It should be noted that the opponent never takes risks and knocks out only one ball, rarely two, and then by chance, therefore, at least once or twice during the game you can try to knock out two balls at once.
– It is better to hit the balls that are closer to ours or closer to the center so that your ball does not fly out of line.

Question: How to play Jack Gobstone?
Answer: The goal is to roll your stone closer to the Jack stone than the opponent.
It is located in the courtyard of the Clock Tower. The opponent is a Ravenclaw player.

– Our goal (unlike the official one) here is not to roll our ball closer to Jack, but to knock out the opponent’s stones as far as possible, beyond the circle, even sacrificing our own, but the first stone should be knocked out the opponent’s stone in this way so that ours stays in the circle.
– Whose stone is closer to the stone-Jack shows a green glow.

Question: How to play Snake Pit (Snake Pit)?
Answer: The goal is to roll your stone closer to the hole than the opponent.
Is located in a paved courtyard. The opponent is a Slytherin player.

– Similarly to the previous one, we knock out the opponent’s stones outside the circle with strong blows, even sacrificing our own (so the game will go faster), but the first stone needs to knock out the opponent’s stone so that ours remains next to the hole.
– Whose stone is closer to the hole shows a green glow.

Question: How to play with the Hogwarts champion?
Answer: The goal is to win three rounds in a row.
The champion is standing in a Paved courtyard, next to a Slytherin player. The opponent is a Gryffindor player.

– Each round is one of three types of gobstone, only slightly more difficult. How to win – read the tactics of each game above.

Oddities and glitches of the game 😉

Question: What to do with Hermione’s cat in the Gryffindor living room?
Answer: If you try to cast some spell, it meows, if you come up and “stroke” (press Enter), it purrs 🙂

Question: I’ve been through the whole game, but I still have some doors closed. Tell me why?
Answer: Usually there are non-opening doors in every game.

Question: Why are some torches not lit in the corridor outside the library?
Answer: This is a glitch. The torches are lit, but there is no animation.

Question: At a certain point in the game, walking around Hogwarts, going down the spiral staircase to the dungeons, I heard strange voices. The source cannot be found. tell me what it is?
Answer: This is intended to create a more realistic atmosphere in the game. In the prize room there is one video (the 4th on the right), in which the sound engineer talks about the sound design of the game – there is this moment.

Question: Why is there a spherical stone in a Stone circle?
Answer: It was supposed to be pushed aside to get closer to the tall stone where it lies and press Enter to detect the secret, but this can be done without touching the stone.

Creating this page

FAQ on this game prepared:
1. Setebos (material processing, screenshots and design)
2. AlexeyMS (manual and post-processing)
3. Our visitors who asked questions and helped each other deal with them 🙂