Modification “Hermione’s Adventure” (PA)

Managing Hermione, and then Harry and Hermione again, find a way out of the maze, along the way, take a ride on the "sled".
The emphasis is on the frequent use of Draconifors-Lapifors.

Author: nottud

Main game: HP and the prisoner of Azkaban

Difficulty: Medium

Date Added: 10 Feb 2018

Known problems: a) the action of the dragon / rabbit spell does not stop even after ignition of the torch / digging fossa, press Enter key forcibly; b) in the final room there is no way out as such (transfer to the castle, etc.) - you can simply exit the game.

Download: Google.Drive (7z; 198 KB)


Example of installation of modification (MOD)

  • Extract from the archive folder of modification and copy them to a folder with the game.

  • run the game with debug mode enabled;
  • select any save that do not mind (better to start a new game and get to the point where you have control of Harry);
  • press ~ (`);
  • enter to the console (you can use the method of "copy-paste") the command open hp3_nottud_HermioneAdventure.unr and press Enter.

Video Walkthrough (can be used cheats):

Note: after downloading the modification from any site, be sure to scan it with antivirus software.

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