Philosopher’s Stone for the PC: the names of doors and mechanisms

We decided to make a material about the names of doors and mechanisms on a separate page: these codes, in theory, are used rarely enough and can violate the logic of the game. Therefore, we recommend that you use these codes only if you want to peeve, and do not go through the game 100% ;-)

After loading the level, enter the command to activate an additional set of commands:

Set engine.playerpawn bcheatsenabled true

To open / close the doors, you need to use the command causeevent.
For example: it is known that one of the doors in the lobby has the following name — Grandhalldoors.

To open / close this door, at the command prompt of the console, we enter the command:

causeevent grandhalldoors

Basic names of doors and mechanisms by levels

Broomstick Practice:


Dungeons I:

cv22, Dungbridge1, Releaseblock, GotMolly, PlatformSwitch1, dungflipA, Mugwump, Edna, Huey, Jeff, Hector, fred, Lois, Hugo, dungflipB, jumpAloho1, dungflipC, jumpAloho2, dungflipD, jumpAloho3, Alamo, CVdoor1, KN2, GotWiggentreeBark, wingexit

Dungeons II:

wingexit, CentersecretFLIP, Centersecret, FlipSwitch37, GotFlobberwormMucus, FlipSwitch38, Hogbutter, AlohoPortcully, MuttonChop, Alamo, DragonDoor, DragonPlatform, GotDittany

Final Boss:

Door, blockroomdoor

Fireseed Caves:

GateFromCaves, Gate1, AlohomoraCaveDoor1, LogDoor1, LogDoor2, AlohomoraCaveDoor2, FireSeedPlant1, AlohomoraCaveDoor10, LogDoor10, AlohomoraCaveDoor4, LogDoor20

Flipendo Challenge:

enterFlip, GetMeOut, Flipswitch1, flipopen1, FlipBridge1, FlipBridge1Button, Portcul2, flip4, chlngflipdoors1-2, chlngflipdoors1-1, portcull2, chlngflipdoors1, chlngflipdoorsl1, fchlngflip3secret1, fchlngflip3secret2, fchlngflip3secret3, fchlngsecretfire, fchlngdoorsl2, flip55, Portcull4, fliptrig2, jumpsec1, fliptrig3, fliptrig4, Closeflipjump, fchlngdoors2, ExitFlip

Forbidden Corridor:

Forbidport1, FluffyDoors, FluffyDefeated

Forest Edge:

biglogbutton1, biglog, groundrise, FirstGate, Gate1

Hogwarts Grounds I:

CloseDoor, Fountain1, Snaildoorenter, Shutters1, SnailGate1-1, Shutters2, SnailGate1-2, SnailGate1, Shutters3, SnailGate2-1, Shutters4, SnailGate2-2, SnailGate2, Shutters5, SnailGate3-1, Shutters6, SnailGate3-2, SnailGate3, SDoor1P1, SDoor2, SDoor3, SDoor4, secG288, SecGard3, SecGard3a, HedgeDoor, HedgeDoor2, HedgeDoor255, HedgeDoor266, Gate, SSD, sec44, GreenFront

Hogwarts Grounds II:


Hogwarts Grounds III:

chasegate, Fountain1

Hogwarts Interior:

DungeonDoors, SomeSecretDoor, RugBookcase, RugFlip1, RugSecret, JustADoor, PictureBookcase, PictureFlip1, PictureSecret1, FireBack, FireGrate, FireplaceCovers, FireMover, FireplaceCovers, RotatingKnightMover, Forbidport1, SecretDoor3rdFloor, DADA1, enterFlip

Incendio Challenge I:

ClassDoor, Door2, GreenHouseFlip1, GreenhouseR2Door, GreenhouseVT1hit, Shelf1Move, FlipSwitchOne, Shelf2Move, FlipSwitchTwo, Shelf3Move, FlipSwitchThree, Shelf4Move, FlipSwitchFour, DoubleDoors, ccvdooradd, GreenhouseR5Door, GreenhouseR6Door, CVdoor2, BringTheRain, StartRound, OpenFinalDoors

Incendio Challenge II:

GNflip1, GNflip2, Gnomedoor1, gnomedoor2, GNdoor1, GNdoor2, BGvt1flip, ExitBgVTdoor, MIdroomenter, midflip1, midflip2, Midex2, midexport, BgVTflip, Bigvtexit, smvtflip1, smvtport1, RotateFlipper1, RotateFlipper2, RotateFlipper3, RotateFlipper4, FountainPuzzleComplete, GreenhouseR9Door

Lumos Challenge:

enterFlip, RegDoor1, DoorFlip1, DoorFlip2, DoorFlipSwitch1, DoorFlipSwitch2, SecretCandleDoodad2, Winder, GargoyleGate1, SecretCandleDoodad, DoorFlip3, SecretWhatever, RegDoor2, DoxieDoor1, DoxieDoor2, AlohoSomething, BridgesSwitch, BridgeDoor1, Bridges, RegDoor3

Peeves and Malfoy Wizard Cracker Duel:

ExitWing, Pdoor3, Pdoor2, Pdoor1, Supersecret, stageright, Mongo, stageleft, frontdoor

Pre Dungeon:

stageleft, cvsec55, Frame, stageright, MainDoor1


MainDoor1, stageleft, stageright, frontdoor, Mongo

Sneak I:

GradualMover, room1_door, room1_bookcase, room2door1, room2plate1, room2plate2, room2_bookcase, room2door2, room2bar, room3door1, room3door2, room3plate4, room3door4, room3door3, room3plate3, room3door6, room3door5, room3plate2, room3door8, room3plate1, room3bars, room3_bookcase, room4plate1, room4door2, room4plate2, room4door3, room4plate3, room4door4, bridge_aspenPaintingSecret, tower_r1plate1, tower_r1bridge

Sneak II:

bridgeroom_door1, bridgeroom_gate1, room1_door1, room1_filchsecret, room1_door2, room3_door1, erised_door, room3_filchbook, room3_filchbook_wall, room4_door1, room4_peevesgate, room4_door2, room4_opendoors, room4_weight1, room4_weight2, F_G_Secret_2_wall, F_G_Secret_1Plat, F_G_Secret1_Block1, F_G_Secret1_Block2, F_G_Secret1_Block3, F_G_Secret1_Block4, F_G_Secret1_Block5, F_G_Secret1_Block6, F_G_Secret1_Block7, F_G_Secret1_Block8, F_G_Secret_1Plat2, F_G_Secret_1Plat3


GrandHallDoors, D1stA, FGsec1, climbexit, jumpexit, FGsec2, DADA1, enterFlip

Wingardium Leviosa:

OpenCloseDoor, ALD1, Secondsecret2, Alohobookcase, 2ndAlohodoor, secret1, 3rdAlohodoor, Secretbookcase2, secretpicture2, Revealsupersecret, Charmsenter, aloroom2, WingDoorIntro, GnomeBookcase, FF3, WingGrateuno, WingGrateDos, FlipSwitchUno, FlipSwitchDos, DoorBarOne, DoorBarTwo, wingoutpad, jumpmove2, Grate155, CourtyardSecretDoor, SecretFlipendoSwitch, JustADoorAlso, BookCaseSecret, ExitWing

Main article about codes: in Russian

Author of lists of names: galenmarek49

Thanks for the help on the material and the agreement with the author: OlegGameChannel

Published by: АlехeyMS
Automatic translation is used

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