Unpacking and assembling “u” packages in the Philosopher’s Stone for PC


This mini-article provides a methodology for rebuilding service packs for a very old game.

“U” packages contain executable scripts and resources used by the Unreal Engine and can be extracted, modified, and repackaged.

To extract the “U” packages, you need to download the UCC program and the HTK library . Download sources: amateur project site, mirror 1, mirror 2.

coding.hanfling.de, mirror 1, mirror 2

The toolkit is configured as follows:

  1. Unzip the “HTK” into the game’s folder.
  2. Unzip “HarryPotterPubSrc11_Binaries” into the “system” folder of the game folder.

You can unpack the original “u” ​​package like this:

ucc fullbatchexport HPBase.u ..\HPBase

Where “HPBase.u” is the name of our package, instead of “HPBase.u” there may be the name of any of the available packages located in the “system” folder.

After extraction, you need to correct the name of the files, for example, “.pcx” must be replaced by “.bmp”, correct the names of the files, specify more accurate texture packages “.utx”.

In order to build a package you need to do the following:

  1. Delete “HPBase.u” or rename it to “HPBase_orig.u”.
  2. Run UCC.exe make in CMD.

There are also ready-made fixed source packages for assembly:

HPMenu.u (mega.nz), HPBase.u (mega.nz), Engine.u (mega.nz)

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