Sony Playstation


Консоль PS1

PlayStation is a 32-bit video game console first released in 1994. In 2000, a smaller version of this console appeared – PSone. PSone allowed all Playstation 1 games to be played (retained full compatibility with it).

Specifications (optional)

  • Central processing unit: MIPS R3000A-compliant (R3051) 32-bit RISC microprocessor operating at 33.8688 MHz. Geometry Transformation Engine – a controller for working with three-dimensional graphics, located on the same die with the central processor.
  • Main RAM: 2 MB
  • Video RAM: 1MB
  • Sound RAM: 512KB
  • BIOS: 512KB
  • Memory cards: 128KB on EEPROM, PocketStation (for saving game states)
  • CD-ROM.

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Released Games: