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And here is the version for Sony PlayStation. This game console is also known as the first-generation game console, game station 1. There is also an assumption that this particular console was given to Dudley in the fourth book about the adventures of Harry Potter and soon turned out to be outside the window, not without Dudley’s participation :-).

Features of the game. A typical adventure game. The main goal of the game is to earn points for Gryffindor, search for Bertie Botts candy beans. Gryffindor is awarded a certain number of points for performing certain actions. A video about the intermediate results of competitions between faculties is periodically shown.

On the way to the living room

The main features of this game: the player just needs to check all the corners, climb on the cabinets, look around carefully, as the enemies are not asleep. It is necessary to gape a little, and Harry is already lying on the floor, the game starts from the place of the last save. To fight enemies, the Flipendo spell is initially used, then, as the game progresses, others appear. Harry’s life force level is displayed as a lightning bolt located in the upper left corner of the screen. As soon as the lightning symbol becomes empty – only the frame remains – the game starts from the place of the last save. The castle and the surrounding territories somewhat resemble those from the book, but there are too many digressions: in the corridors, snails as tall as Harry himself crawl along predetermined routes, which need to be destroyed by using a spell three times. In general, the game is done well, but still not for everyone.

At the entrance to the living room

The plot. After launching the game, we are briefly retold almost the entire story until Harry’s arrival at the castle and the distribution of faculties. And now the action begins. Harry is standing at the exit of the castle, and Dumbledore is coming down the stairs. Only the order of the main events, characters, and some locations correspond to the book here. That’s where the sick fantasy of the screenwriter(s) is rampant! What is the attack on Harry of the revived boar, with whom he has to fight, the search for a kitten, mini-tasks before lessons, a game of Firecrackers with Malfoy and his “little” friends, rivers of lava on the school grounds.

You can get acquainted with the gameplay in detail from the attached videos found on YouTube.

A fragment of the search for Hedwig, a lesson in flying on a broomstick is shown. It is shown that Harry is being watched by a stranger in a black robe and with a hood on his head:

The performance of one of the strange tasks is shown – to get to the door leading to the classroom in a certain amount of time, a lesson in Flitwick charms, a game of firecrackers with Malfoy and company (not completely):

It shows the continuation of the game with Malfoy in Firecrackers, the ceremony of summing up the preliminary results of the faculty scores, meeting with Hagrid, again checking the nervous system for resistance, studying Incendio (Herbology), Quidditch training (again flying through the rings!):

It shows the continuation of the training, meeting with Hagrid, fighting with the revived boar, getting acquainted with unknown animals and the promised jumps over lava (in Scotland!!!):

It shows jumping over lava, playing on nerves (Incendio), finding “Fire Seeds” for Hagrid’s hearth, watching the birth of Norbert, chasing Malfoy, returning reminders to Neville:

A meeting with McGonagall, Quidditch with Lee Jordan’s comments (rings again!), acquaintance with Snape, study of the Alohomor spell are shown”:

Graphics in general. This game boasts three-dimensional graphics. But, apparently, due to the age of the platform, its implementation is difficult to call excellent: it is worth turning Harry a little, as the virtual camera turns to show the player Harry’s back again. When performing complex tasks, these turns only interfere, and if Harry is standing near the wall, then the turn may not happen – the wall interferes :-). All the items in the game are truly three-dimensional.

Extreme ascent

Control. It’s possible that you need to get used to it :-). During each turn of Harry, you need to make sure that he turns exactly where he needs to. This feature very often leads players out of a normal mental state: not only is the management nightmarish, but also the task execution time is limited, in addition to this, the readings of the timer scale are accompanied by an ever-increasing knock (!). It is not always possible to cast a spell on someone or something from the first time – it is required training.

Living room


And once again the living room

Casting spells. There are usually no problems with Flipendo: you need to pick up the moment, press and release the key (to increase the power of the spell, you need to hold the key down). The Wingardium of Levios is accompanied by a video and its action is limited in time, to cast the Incendio spell, you need to press certain keys at the right moments. In case of an error, you need to repeat it again.

Characters. The characters are executed well: many can be recognized “at first sight”, but still there was some confusion on the part of the developers: Hermione is blonde, Draco is red. The motion animation is good, but only taking into account the platform :-): characters blink, gesticulate. I was pleased with Harry, who masterfully slides down the railing and knows how to climb cabinets, the height of which is 2 times the height of the boy himself. No comments :-).

Enemies. In addition to Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, there are also aggressive creatures towards Harry, for example, giant snails (moving along a trajectory defined by the scenario), rats, bloodthirsty armor (!), some plants and something else.


Friends. Gryffindors, Hagrid, most of the teachers and some neutral creatures.

Cards. There are 17 cards in the game.

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Music and voice acting. The gameplay is accompanied by good melodies, somewhat reminiscent of those from the movie. All dialogues (in English, French, Spanish), spells pronounced by Harry, laughter, screams, sounds characteristic of the characters are also voiced.

What you can play on. The game can be played both on the appropriate console, and using a computer with an emulator program installed. When choosing the second method, the requirements for the computer nodes are determined by the emulator used, and for a comfortable graphics and speed of the game, it is better to use a newer computer. It is also strongly recommended to stock up on some kind of sedative – you will need it:–), as well as remove all heavy objects so as not to break the keyboard or gamepad during the passage.

The result. If it were not for the control features, sometimes a delusional plot and time-limited tasks, the features of casting spells, then this game could be recommended for passing, but in order to preserve your psyche in a normal state, it is recommended to bypass it.

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