Recreation of the magical world based on the Chamber of Secrets (based on MODs)

In this article, we look at options for implementing a wizarding world based on the second game about the adventures of a young wizard.

Main idea: take an existing game and add new locations and versions of existing locations to it, but without plot elements. Thus, it becomes possible both to complete the game and walk around the castle or other territories.

To implement this idea, it is convenient to use a modular structure: all new locations send Harry to a certain location in the main game. To add the ability to visit new locations, a level (map) change trigger is carefully added to the existing levels.

Below is an approximate list of locations that can be added to the game in this way. Some locations can be combined into one map, if they are close enough and do not overload the map.


  1. \/ Slytherin Lounge (based on available map)., Alexms69.
  2. \/ Ravenclaw living room. Mod by CandyMaks or by Krum.
  3. \/ Hufflepuff Living Room + Boys / Girls Bedrooms. Elizabeth
  4. Boys / Girls Bedrooms for each living room.
  5. \/ Kitchen (located under the Great Hall). Elizabeth
  6. Cobbled courtyard
  7. Dueling courtyard
  8. Transfiguration courtyard
  9. Astronomical tower
  10. Library
  11. Owl (like the tower of the castle, not what was done in 5 and 6 games).
  12. Greenhouses.
  13. Boat shed.
  14. Viaduct.
  15. Suspension bridge.
  16. Stone bridge.
  17. Covered bridge.
  18. Stone circle.
  19. Road from the stone circle to the gate of Hogwarts.
  20. Location with Willow, available for regular visits.
  21. Road to Hogsmeade.
  22. Black Lake.
  23. Location forest beyond the Black Lake.
  24. Divination class.

Wizarding world locations:

  1. «Burrow» is the home of the Weasley family. There is an experimental project on this topic (50%).
  2. Diagon Alley.
  3. Little Winging (1-2 streets).
  4. Dursley House.
  5. King’s Cross Station
  6. Hogsmeade
  7. Hogsmeade Station
  8. Spider’s Spoon. Snape’s house.

The list can be extended.

If you would like to participate in the re-creation of Hogwarts, please let us know in Discord , email or just a comment on this page. :-)

The basis of this idea is that the more participants, the easier and easier it is to add new locations, since there is no need for someone to do all the work. But the main thing here is coordination, so that there are no two Great Halls or Hagrid’s Huts ;-)

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