Recreation of the magical world based on the Chamber of Secrets (based on MODs)



The purpose of this page: by joint efforts to expand the world of the second game about the adventures of a young wizard for the computer. In this case, the game must remain functional.

Main idea: take an existing game and add new, relatively small, locations to it.

For example, you need to add a kitchen, but to get into it you don’t need to go through chasms, puzzles and 10 kilometers of corridors. After all, the book stated this: we walk down the corridor towards the Hufflepuff living room, find a picture of fruit, tickle a pear and … we are in the kitchen. That is, this is how we get a relatively real version of this place in the castle. If in this way we create all the main locations of the magical world, then we will be able not only to go through the plot of the game, but also just walk through familiar places from books, in the magical atmosphere of the second game.

And since there is no need to come up with many hiding places and mechanisms, it is much easier and faster to make such modifications.

About the places-locations themselves

In films and games, the magical world is depicted in different ways, randomly. The simplest example: remember how to walk from the lobby of the castle to Rubeus Hagrid’s hut. Games and movies will show many options 😉

Therefore, it may be more logical to look closely at the locations from the first games, when the developers still at least selectively had access to a special cheat sheet from J. Rowling. In subsequent games, many new locations were introduced that were featured in the films but were not mentioned in the books.

Below is an approximate list of locations that can be added to the game in this way. Some locations can be combined into one map, if they are close enough and do not overload the map.


  1. \/ Slytherin Lounge (based on available map)., АlехeyMS.
  2. Bedrooms for the Slytherin living room.
  3. Bedrooms for the Gryffindor living room.
  4. \/ Ravenclaw living room. Mod by CandyMaks or by Krum.
  5. Bedrooms for the Ravenclaw living room (Ravenclaw).
  6. \/ Hufflepuff Living Room + Boys / Girls Bedrooms. Elizabeth
  7. \/ Kitchen (located under the Great Hall). Elizabeth
  8. \/ Hagrid’s hut inside (AlexeyMS)
  9. – Astronomical Tower (the tallest tower, at the top of which there is an observatory with telescopes). (CandyMaks?)
  10. – Library (you can spy on the first game, add a librarian’s table and at least mark the forbidden section). (CandyMaks?)
  11. Owlery (castle tower, located among the usual castle towers. Perhaps the entrance to it is somewhere on 3-4 floors of the castle. In any case, the version of the location of the owls from games 5 and 6 contradicts 3-5 books).
  12. Greenhouses (here you can spy at the end of the level, where Harry takes the boomslang skin or in the fifth game).
  13. \/ A boat house (in the books, it is meant as an underground pier, from which there is a path to the castle – freshmen get from it to the main courtyard. The version from the fifth game may work, but the viaduct is not mentioned in the books, so this location may simply contain: lake shore, a dock house, a path that leads to the main courtyard).
  14. \/ The road connecting the main courtyard of Hogwarts, the path to the cheerful willow tree and the Hogwarts gate (you can take the locations from the third and sixth games as a basis, but without the stone circle and Hagrid’s hut). (Elizabeth, AlexeyMS)
  15. – A location with Willow, available for regular visits (possibly with a teleport to Remus Lupin’s secret hideout). (Elizabeth?)
  16. – The road between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade (the road between the gates of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade station. Somewhere in the middle of the path there is a fork leading to the village itself. Probably, this is a left turn from the direction of Hogwarts). (Elizabeth)
  17. The forest behind the Black Lake (a beautiful location, where there is a lake shore, trees, in front, behind the lake, you can see the outlines of the Hogwarts castle (you can take the sky from the Quidditch field). It is repeatedly mentioned in the book, sometimes a Giant Squid may appear).
  18. \/ Divination class (Kram).
  19. Muggle Studies class (versions in other games – third PS2 game, LEGO 1-4).

Wizarding world locations:

  1. – “Burrow” is the home of the Weasley family. (Darya Chernen’kaya).
  2. Diagon Alley (partially implemented in the game, it would be supplemented – to make a separate full-fledged location).
  3. Little Winging (the city where Harry lived with the Dursleys. Partially implemented in the game – it would be slightly expanded and made a full-fledged location).
  4. Dursley House (kitchen, bedrooms, closet under the stairs).
  5. King’s Cross station (designate a large building, platforms 1-8 are in the main building, platforms 9-11 are located separately, the filmmakers ignored this, the plan of the station is available on his website).
  6. – Hogsmeade (a street with a bunch of houses, shops, on the outskirts – residential buildings. It can be implemented as a narrow location with houses simple in structure (without interior furnishings) – it is better to arrange the houses themselves in separate locations). (CandyMaks?)
  7. \/ Station “Hogsmeade” (a kind of rails, well shown in LEGO 5-7 – the road from Hogwarts leads to it, and there is also the shore of Black Lake nearby – the path to the school for freshmen). (Elizabeth)
  8. Spider’s Spoon. Snape’s house (more for Severus fans, as it is located in the nonexistent city where Petunia and Lily Evans lived before marriage).

The list can be extended.

If you would like to participate in the re-creation of Hogwarts, please let us know in Discord , email or just a comment on this page. 🙂

The basis of this idea is that the more participants, the easier and easier it is to add new locations, since there is no need for someone to do all the work. But the main thing here is coordination, so that there are no two Great Halls or Hagrid’s Huts 😉