Old games and dgVoodoo 2


The first video games for the computer about the adventure of a young wizard came out quite a long time ago. The video cards under which these games have been optimized have not been used for a long time (with the exception of some enthusiasts). On modern graphics cards, old games can work strangely: too fast, too slow, with graphic errors.

To solve such problems, you can try to use the emulator of old video cards, for example: dgVoodoo2.

Below we give a short instruction that we checked with the game Chamber of Secret.

1. We go to the dgVoodoo 2 project page: http://dege.freeweb.hu/dgVoodoo2/dgVoodoo2/ (mirror on Yandex.Disk)

2. Download dgVoodoo v -.-.– for regular usage (released: –.-.—). Instead of hyphens, you’ll notice the version number and release date.

3. We extract the following files into the system folder of the game: dgVoodoo.conf, dgVoodooCpl.exe.

4. For the first games, launch using DirectX should be suitable. To do this, go to the MS\x86\ folder in the archive and extract the following files into the system folder of the game: D3D8.dll, D3D9.dll, D3DImm.dll, DDraw.dll.

5. Run the program dgVoodooCpl.exe.

6. Select the settings on the General tab. For example: windowed mode (Windowed) and which video card will be used (Adapter(s) to use).


7. Select the settings on the DirectX tab. For example: a videocard for emulation (Videocard), the amount of video memory (VRAM), filters for graphics, vertical synchronization.


8. Press the button ОК

Run the game in the usual way.

Note: When you first start it will be useful to leave the dgvoodoo watermark (DirectX) checkbox checked. If, when the game is running, in the lower right corner you see the dgvoodoo logo, then you did everything right.

Article author: АlехeyMS

Thanks to A1an, visitor from our Discord Channel, for the idea for this article 🙂

Thanks for MaxShin and Professor Turtle (Koops), for helpful comments 🙂

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