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Famous Wizards Cards (15)

Blue No. 1 1. Fulbert the Fearful (1014-1097). Famous for being so cowardly he never ventured out of his house. Died when a Defensive Charm backfired and the roof fell in.
No. 1 Location Hogwarts Express
2. Ethelred the Ever-Ready (Medieval, dates unknown). Famous for taking offence at nothing and cursing innocent bystanders. Died in Gaol. Blue No. 2
Buying from students No. 2 Price: 80 Pumpkin Pasties
Blue No. 3 3. Crispin Cronk (1795-1872). Sent to Azkaban for continuing to keep Sphinxes in his back garden despite repeated warnings.
No. 3 Price: 100 beans Buying from students
4. Edgar Stroulger (1703-1798). Inventor of the Sneakoscope. Blue No. 4
Buying from students No. 4 Price: 150 beans
Blue No. 5 5. Oswald Beamish (1850-1932). Pioneer of Goblin Rights.
No. 5 Price: 225 beans Buying from students
6. Norvel Twonk (1888-1957). Died saving a Muggle child from a runaway Manticore. Posthumously awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class. Blue No. 6
Buying from students No. 6 Price: 125 beans
Blue No. 7 7. Grogan Stump (1770-1884). Popular Minister for Magic, appointed 1811.
No. 7 Price: 25 Pumpkin Pasties Fred and George’s Shop
8. Glanmore Peakes (1677-1761). Famous slayer of the Sea Serpent of Cromer. Blue No. 8
Buying from studentsNo. 8 Price: 60 Pumpkin Pasties
Blue No. 9 9. Wilfred Elphick (1112-1199). First wizard to be gored by an African Erumpent.
No. 9 Price: 40 Pumpkin Pasties Buying from students
10. Professor Armando Dippet. Former headmaster of Hogwarts c.1940. Blue No. 10
Saving the Buckbeak. The cauldron next to the rabbit statue No. 10 Search
Blue No. 11 11. Mungo Bonham (1560-1659). Famous wizard healer. Founded St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
No. 11 Price: 50 beans Buying from students
12. Dzou Yen (4th century B.C.). Chinese alchemist. Blue No. 12
Buying from students No. 12 Price: 20 Pumpkin Pasties
Blue No. 13 13. Falco Aesalon (Ancient Greek). The first recorded example of an Animagus, he could transform himself into a falcon.
No. 13 Search Entering the library for a Book (protection for the hippogriff)
14. Thaddeus Thurkell (1632-1692). Famous for producing seven Squib sons and turning them all into hedgehogs in disgust. Blue No. 14
Buying from students No. 14 Price: 70 Pumpkin Pasties
Blue No. 15 15. Harry Potter. The boy who lived.
No. 15 Location Fred and George’s Shop

Bonus Cards (5)

All cards are located in the bonus level (it is necessary to use the Spongify tiles in the Main Hall of the level)
Dark purple No. 1 1. Godric Gryffindor (Medieval, dates unknown). Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave his name to one of the four Hogwarts houses.
No. 1 Location Bonus Room
2. Rowena Ravenclaw (Medieval, dates unknown). Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four Hogwarts houses. Dark purple No. 2
Bonus Room No. 2 Location
Dark purple No. 3 3. Helga Hufflepuff (Medieval, dates unknown). Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four Hogwarts houses.
No. 3 Location Bonus Room
4. Salazar Slytherin (Medieval, dates unknown). Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave his name to one of the four Hogwarts houses. Dark purple No. 4
Bonus Room No. 4 Location
Dark purple No. 5 5. Albus Dumbledore. Headmaster of Hogwarts.
No. 5 LocationBonus Room

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1) most of the witches and wizard cards are bought from students or are in one-time passable levels.

2) cards with beasts (monsters?) they are in hiding places in the courtyard, in the hiding places of the castle, in rooms behind passwords.

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