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Famous Vampires Cards (5)

All cards are arranged in levels Carpe-retractum Workshop.
Red No. 1 1. Sir Herbert Varney (1858-1889). Short-lived (by undead standards) Victorian vampire who preyed upon women in London during the 1880s. Was subsequently captured and killed by a special squad from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.
No. 1 Search Lupin’s first lesson. 1st hall with platforms over the abyss
2. Amarillo Lestoat (1776-1977). Flamboyant American vampire. Author of ‘A Vampire’s Monologue’ – intended to bore the reader into a stupor making him/her easier prey for vampires. Red No. 2
Lupin’s first lesson. 2nd hall with platforms over the abyss, a niche behind the back No. 2 Search
Red No. 3 3. Lady Carmilla Sanguina (1561-1757). Bathed in the blood of her victims to retain her youthful beauty.
No. 3 Search Lupin’s first lesson. 3rd hall with platforms over the abyss, knight’s armor
4. Blodwyn Bludd (1923 – unknown). Known as the ‘Vampire from the Valleys’. Famous for singing to his victims in a sonorous bass baritone, before biting their necks. Red No. 4
Lupin’s first lesson. Knight’s Armor No. 4 Search
Red No. 5 5. Count Vlad Drakul (1390 – unknown). Notorious vampire who inspired the fictional Count Dracula created by Bram Stoker. Father of Vlad the Impaler.
No. 5 Search Lupin’s first lesson. Corridor, knight’s armor, niche at the top

Dragon Cards (5)

All cards are arranged in levels Lapifors-Dragonifors Workshop.
Brown No. 1 1. Common Welsh Green Dragon. This breed is among the least troublesome of dragons and actively avoids humans unless provoked. Fire is issued in thin jets.
No. 1 Search McGonagall’s lesson. Knight’s Armor
2. Hebridean Black Dragon. Britain’s other native dragon is more aggressive than its Welsh counterpart and feeds mostly on deer, though it has been known to carry off large dogs. Brown No. 2
Lesson McGonagall. 2nd pavilion with a rotating track, sprung down, in a pumpkin No. 2 Search
Brown No. 3 3. Hungarian Horntail Dragon. Supposedly the most dangerous of all dragon breeds, the Hungarian Horntail can breathe fire up to fifty feet.
No. 3 Search McGonagall’s lesson. A quest with the opening of lattices
4. Romanian Longhorn Dragon. The horns of this breed of dragon are highly valued as potion ingredients and as a result, its numbers have fallen in recent years. Brown No. 4
McGonagall’s lesson. Quest in the niche at the top No. 4 Search
Brown No. 5 5. Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon. The Ridgeback is nowadays one of the rarer dragon breeds and has been known to attack most kinds of large land mammal.
No. 5 Search McGonagall’s lesson. Labyrinth, inside the central tower

Famous Goblins Cards (5)

All cards are located in the levels of the Glacius workshop.
Green No. 1 1. Eargit the Ugly. Goblin representative at 14th century summit of Wizards’ Council.
No. 1 Search The Glacius challenge. The hiding place behind the poster on the wall
2. Alguff the Awful. Foul-smelling goblin nuisance. Well known throughout the goblin world for trying to sell vials of his sweat to a Dungbomb manufacturer. Green No. 2
The Glacius challenge. Hiding place in 1 hall with 2 salamanders No. 2 Search
Green No. 3 3. Ug the Unreliable. Notorious goblin confidence trickster. Organised the infamous Demiguise Derby and absconded with the takings.
No. 3 Search The Glacius challenge. Hiding place under the gazebo with doxy
4. Urg the Unclean. Rebel leader in the 18th century goblin rebellions. Green No. 4
The Glacius challenge. Stairs changing direction, entrance to the right No. 4 Search
Green No. 5 5. Gringott. Founder of Gringotts wizard bank.
No. 5 SearchThe Glacius challenge. Turn on the last ice descent

Quidditch Cards (5)

We get all the cards from Hagrid for 5 successful stages of Hippogriff races.
Yellow No. 1 1. Joscelind Wadcock (1911-present). Chaser for Puddlemere United Quidditch Team. Record for highest number of goals during British season this century (against Ballycastle Bats, 1931).
No. 1 Location Hogwarts surroundings
2. Gwenog Jones (1968-present). Captain and Beater of only all-female national Quidditch Team, the Holyhead Harpies. Yellow No. 2
Hogwarts surroundings No. 2 Location
Yellow No. 3 3. Cyprian Youdle (1312-1357). Only Quidditch referee ever to be killed during a match. The originator of the curse was never caught but believed to have been a member of the crowd.
No. 3 Location Hogwarts surroundings. A mini-game with a hippogriff.
4. Roderick Plumpton (1889-1987). Seeker for England Quidditch Team. Holds British record for fastest capture of Snitch during game: three and a half seconds. Yellow No. 4
Hogwarts surroundings No. 4 Location
Yellow No. 5 5. Bowman Wright (1492-1560). Famous for developing the Golden Snitch.
No. 5 LocationHogwarts surroundings

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