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Beast Cards (15)

Purple No. 1 1. Imp. Found only in Britain and Ireland, the imp has a slapstick sense of humour and will amuse itself by pushing and tripping the unwary.
No. 1 Search Behind the portrait on the 7th floor
2. Doxy. Sometimes mistaken for a fairy. Nests in bushes and, if approached, will attempt to bite with its double rows of sharp, venomous teeth. Purple No. 2
Behind the portrait in the Dungeon No. 2 Search
Purple No. 3 3. Bowtruckle. A tree-guardian adept at dodging most kinds of charms. May attempt to gouge out your eyes if you approach its tree home in a threatening manner.
No. 3 Search Behind the portrait in the Dungeon
4. Billywig. Has a long thin sting that causes giddiness followed by levitation. Dried Billywig stings are used in a variety of potions. Purple No. 4
Behind the portrait on the 1st floor No. 4 Search
Purple No. 5 5. Gnome. A common garden pest, the gnome lurks in holes in the ground and may run out and attempt to trip up the unwary traveller. Can be ejected from the garden by swinging it in circles and flinging it over the garden wall.
No. 5 Search Behind the portrait on the 2nd floor
6. Giant Squid. The bane of ancient mariners and students at Hogwarts – should the latter decide to go for a dip in the lake. Purple No. 6
Behind the portrait on the 4th floor No. 6 Search
Purple No. 7 7. Manticore. A rare, dangerous beast, the Manticore has been known to sing softly as it eats its prey. Its sting will kill instantaneously.
No. 7 Search Behind the portrait on the 5th floor
8. Unicorn. The unicorn is a shy creature and generally avoids human contact. It is more likely to let a witch come near it than a wizard and casting magic spells may frighten it off. Its blood has highly magical properties. Purple No. 8
Behind the portrait on the 6th floor No. 8 Search
Purple No. 9 9. Mountain Troll. Frequents mountainous regions. Very powerful, but stupid, the troll will attempt to bludgeon anyone who comes near it.
No. 9 Price: 150 beans Fred and George’s Shop
10. Streeler. A large, orange snail with a poisonous shell that should only be handled when wearing protective gloves. Purple No. 10
Fred and George’s Shop No. 10 Price: 200 beans
Purple No. 11 11. Giant Purple Toad. Likes dead flies and other insects. Has a long, green tongue.
No. 11 Search Hogwarts courtyard, a niche at the top around the corner to the right of the pendulum
12. Double-ended Newt. Can be purchased from the Magical Menagerie in Diagon Alley. Swims around a lot and likes algae. Purple No. 12
Hogwarts courtyard, in the attic No. 12 Search
Purple No. 13 13. Gytrash. Large dog-like spirit that can be encountered in the Forbidden Forest, either singly or in groups.
No. 13 Search The neighborhood of Hogwarts, behind Hagrid’s hut
14. Kelpie. Lurks in rivers and streams and will kneel in invitation for anyone to ride it across. If this is attempted, the Kelpie will drag the rider underwater and attempt to eat them. Purple No. 14
Hogwarts yard, behind the coat of arms, jump from the center of the yard No. 14 Search
Purple No. 15 15. Phoenix. A gentle creature, the phoenix lives to an immense age because it can regenerate each time it bursts into flames. Phoenix song is magical and its tears have healing properties.
No. 15 Search Hogwarts Courtyard, quest in the outer courtyard

Famous Giants Cards (5)

We get all the cards for 5 wins over Doxy at the Well, what’s not far from the hippogriff pen
Grey No. 1 1. Bran the Bloodthirsty (Medieval, dates unknown). Lived in a castle on top of an enchanted Beanstalk. Apparently fond of eating bread made with ground bones and washed down with the blood of an Englishman. Was slain by a boy named Jack.
No. 1 Location Hogwarts neighborhood, by the well
2. Cyclops (Ancient Greece, dates unknown). A one-eyed giant who lived in a cave at the foot of Mount Etna. With the help of several sheep, was slain by the Greek hero, Odysseus. Grey No. 2
Hogwarts neighborhood, by the well No. 2 Location
Grey No. 3 3. Goliath (Biblical, dates unknown). Mercenary giant used by the Philistines in their war with the Israelites. Was slain by a young boy with a slingshot.
No. 3 Location Hogwarts neighborhood, by the well
4. Morholt (Ancient Celtic, dates unknown). Gigantic brother of the King of Ireland. Wounded Tristan, the Celtic hero, with a poisoned sword when the latter tried to kill him. Grey No. 4
Hogwarts neighborhood, by the well No. 4 Location
Grey No. 5 5. Hengist of Upper Barnton (15th century). Giant killed by the famous giant-slayer Gifford Ollerton.
No. 5 Location Hogwarts neighborhood, by the well

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